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Growing application trends to consider at your shop.

We asked 10 of Big Picture's Editorial Advisory Board members to address the current state of the wide-format industry and reveal what we should expect in 2019.

What application had the highest demand/growth in the past year and do you see that continuing into 2019?

Chris Laniak, VP of sales, Excelsus Solutions: We have a huge demand for retail signage! Even though the brick-and-mortar stores may seem as if they’re becoming a thing of the past, they buy more signs than ever. We currently don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon. Also, a lot of retailers are looking for more solutions with interior décor instead of P-O-S and P-O-P displays and signage. Interior décor is going to be on high demand for years to come. 

Diana Herrera, president, AP ImagingDirect print on fabric.

Jon Sherman, founder/creative director, Flavor Paper: We saw a surge in hand-screen printed wallpaper sales this year, which was interesting as the past five years had digital as the primary growth vehicle. I see this continuing as the digital marketplace becomes more crowded: The handmade aspect seems to be in demand.

Stan Lucas, business development manager, wide format, DCG One: Retail and corporate interiors. This will absolutely continue growing for several years. 

Elaine Scrima, VP of operations, GSP Companies: We don’t do it, but I do see 3D printing as a growing segment. It’s expensive and it’s slow, much like digital printing was 10-12 years ago, so if they continue to invest in the technology, it will eventually be cost effective. 

Kirk Green, president/CEO, Ferrari Color: Fabric seems to be the most dramatic shift in graphic options. The ease of use and vibrancy of imagery have become game changers.

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