15 Vinyl Visionaries

The coolest Avery Dennison wraps of 2017, from vehicles to kayaks.

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Avery Dennison has announced its top 15 vinyl wraps of 2017, featuring unique and creative wraps using Supreme Wrapping Film, Conform Chrome, or MPI 1105 digital film on vehicles, kayaks, walls, and everything in between.

The top ten non-vehicle wraps include:

An escalator wrap installed by Fastsigns of Maple Shade’s Jeffrey Chudoff;

650 square feet of graphics in a children’s splash park, printed and installed by Brodie Mathews of DeCo Tint;

Fidget spinners, as part of a fun, at-home project for Ken Mahlschnee, Bullitt Auto Detail and Vinyl Wraps, and his sons;

A camouflage prosthetic arm wrapped by Laser Wrap’s Stephen Boyer;

A custom set of barber’s hair clippers for basketball player Russell Westbrook, installed by Charlie Trujillo of Lettering Express;

A glass elevator’s mirrors, printed and wrapped by Solar Art’s Jennifer Solar;

An artistic kayak, courtesy of Martin Turecek, WrapStyle;

Two stainless steel tanks and matching concrete wall, installed 40 feet in the air by James Laber of Idea! Printing & Graphics;

A “mini museum” depicting General Motors’ history at the company’s Arlington-based assembly plant, created and installed by Wrap Experts’ Duston Noble;

And the walls and floors of an exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum, designed by artist Mark Dean Veca and installed by Justin Pate, The Wrap Institute.

Stunning vehicle wrap winners include:

Nick Caminiti (Exotic Graphix) won the 2017 Wrap Like a King Challenge with his 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Hawaiian-themed wrap, “Lei’d Low;”

A pink bus wrap designed to raise awareness for breast cancer and early detection for the Renown Reno Hospital, installed by Leslie Groblewski of Grafics Unlimited;

A golden 1968 Volkswagen Transporter wrapped by Fitment41’s Vasiliy Dankanich;

Joffrey van der Jagt (ProWrap) installed two Pac-Man-themed Ferrari wraps for an intercontinental luxury car rally;

And a colorful wrap created by Michael Morris, Freshlayers.

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