Ink Mill Corporation Announces Launch of Industrial Ink Jet Division

Ink Mill Corporation

United States

Ink Mill Corporation announces its new Industrial Inkjet Division and the launch of its dedicated website Ink Mill Corporation is a high quality OEM Digital Inkjet Ink manufacturer located in Sanbornton, New Hampshire. Ink Mill Corporation is one of the leading Inkjet Ink technology leaders in the industry. With the latest ink technologies in LED Curable, UV Curable, Eco Solvent, Bio Solvent, and Full Solvent inks, Ink Mill will be able to formulate an ink for your specific needs. Since 2008, Ink Mill Corporation has been formulating and manufacturing industrial inkjet inks for Industrial applications and single pass applications.
Positive Customer Impact
Many customers have already benefited from Ink Mill’s Industrial inkjet inks. Ink Mill’s Industrial partners have trouble free printing with minimal maintenance time and faster run speeds. “Ink Mill's technology is once again setting the standard for Industrial Inkjet Inks, offering our customers the best performance characteristics for adhesion, abrasion resistance, flexibility, run speeds and low maintenance requirements.
The launch of this division within Ink Mill shores up our commitment to this important segment of the market. Our Industrial division along with our new website will allow customers access to a focused team that can turn an industrial ideas into reality in the shortest time possible.” said Stephen Mills, Chief Executive Officer at Ink Mill Corporation.
Currently Ink Mill manufacturers inks for packaging, flooring, medical devices, furniture, toys, labels, bar codes, and more. If you are interested in using inkjet inks in your manufacturing process go with the industry leading ink manufacturer.
Industrial Inkjet Ink Availability
Ink Mill's Industrial inkjet inks are proven inks that are a part of Ink Mill Corporation’s commitment to deliver the best products with the best quality. The Ink Mill team is available to meet all of your Industrial inkjet needs. Please contact us at, 772-226-7136, or check us out online at
Founded in 2008, Ink Mill Corporation is the worldwide technology leader in digital inkjet inks. The company offers a wide range of full solvent, eco solvent, bio solvent, water based, UV and LED inks designed to offer the best quality products at affordable prices.