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Graphic Design/Prepress/Print production

Graphic design/Prepress/Print Production

The Pre-Press Technician is responsible for executing advanced graphics and page-builds using a variety of software. Knowledge necessary to perform color corrections and image manipulations are a must. Familiarity with various RIP software and various large format printers is essential.

Job Duties:
• Design graphics for clients based on customer visits and requirements
• Request the purchase of necessary materials for the Production staff and any other supplies as needed.
• Manage the operation of the print production for 5 large format printers and laminator
• Maintain Production quality
• Checkups and maintenance of equipment
• Approve jobs in the Production bin and stage them with computer software
• Participate in production meetings, be ready to advise the status of current Work Orders as well as future Work Orders
• Create spreadsheets and documents that describe status of Work Orders and procedures for various stages of production
• Adhere to strict scheduled timelines for all scheduled shipments
• Check that all information regarding Work Orders are correct before accepting the job, make sure that work is performed perfectly and check that all information is correct regarding Work Order/merchandise before allowing a job to be shipped out
Desired Skills and Experience
Job Competencies:
• Must have expert working knowledge of the entire Adobe Suite
• Produce technically sound and content correct files to meet the customer’s expectations and requirements
• Preflight all supplied files using appropriate software (Current Adobe CS suite, Onyx RIP Software, Fiery etc…)
• Maintain proper color calibrations on various printers
• Perform image manipulations/edits as directed
• Perform advanced file preparation for special ink sets
• Ability to manage failures and crises calmly by providing alternatives to normal production
• Ability to recommend and implement solutions to Production problems
• Energized and ready to grow with an outstanding organization
• Meticulous attention to detail, effective planning and organizational skills
• Highly time conscientious
• Understand OSHA compliance, industrial Safety, and MSDS
• Must have strong people skills, and the ability to motivate and promote teamwork
• Ability to plan and implement improvements
• Ability to identify and anticipate production and operation needs
• Willingness to learn new and emerging technologies
• Ability to resolve problems, document all issues and put best practices in place to prevent future problems
• Firm grasp of computer/printing terminology
• Common Sense

Recommended Qualifications:
• Bachelor of Arts in Business/Production Management/Print Management preferred
• 5+ years in the graphics industry preferably in Large Format Printing
• Minimum 5 years experience in production management
• Must be a visionary who is always looking for new and innovative processes
- Color management skills
- Spectrophotometers and/or Colorimeters.
- Contract proofing
- G7 Training.
- ICC profile building
- Adobe Creative Suite
- EFI FieryXF
- Epson printers

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