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Used: OEM Programs

(April 2008) posted on Tue Apr 15, 2008

These manufacturers offer previously used printers for sale.

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EFI Vutek

Previously owned program: Yes, the program is the Vutek Certified Used Printer Program.

Where sourced: These generally come from trade-up programs and a few demo units that have been returned to stock.

Inspection process: The Vutek Certified Used Printer Program runs a full systems check on all major and minor subsystems of the machine, replacing parts as necessary. Final systems checks are performed as with new equipment before shipping to customers.

Warranty offered: Typically ranges from 0-6 months depending on pricing of the used unit, but can be custom tailored to customer needs. Further, customers can purchase additional coverage.

Maintenance/service contracts: Some contracts-such as Enhanced Service Program (ESP)-are regional dependant but are generally available for new and refurbished printers that have not reached end of service. In some cases an onsite inspection is required if the printer was not a VUTEk direct resale printer. For current models, the customer has access to all features of the ESP program. For units not current being sold by Vutek sales reps and distributors, we offer a variety of service options to the customer ranging from time and material contracts to self-service options.

Upgrades offered: For models currently being sold by Vutek sales reps and distributors, the customer has access to all upgrades available on the product platform (may require the customer to purchase the upgrade). For units not current being sold, any upgrades would be based on availability of the upgrade.

Training offered: Yes. The ESP program for North America is an example. Training slots could be included in the deal or available after purchase for a fee.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Installation: Yes, included in the price.

Shipping: Often shipped directly from the company, specifically if the printers are Certified Vutek used equipment purchased from Vutek. We ship product air, ocean and/or truck whichever best meets the customer's needs.

Additional charges: As with any printer purchase from Vutek, customers are responsible for riggers, air, power, and air quality going to the printer.