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Tracking and Managing Your Jobs

(January 2008) posted on Fri Jan 11, 2008

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By Clare Baker

ePace is a Web-based print-management solution comprising fully integrated software modules. The modules include e-commerce; estimating; production, which includes job control, purchasing, inventory, job costing, data collection, and job-history tools; accounting; customization toolkit; and a Paceconnect module, allowing the system to integrate with various industry programs for online order processing and production management. The system is XML-driven, ODBC-compliant, and allows browser-based access from Mac and PC platforms.


MyOrderDesk, from PagePath, is an online order-flow system for graphic-arts service providers. The program is an order entry, file transfer, ftp server, and job-status system that can also work with a back-end costing system that provides customers with online proofing and re-order capabilities. Usually used within an existing website, the system can also function as a complete, turnkey website branded for your shop.

Pivotal Z

Prestige Scheduler, from Pivotal Z, is a scheduler designed for the printing and imaging industries. The Scheduler graphically tracks each job through to its completion. The program can stand alone or connect with other production-order and shop-floor systems and can be used in monitor mode or as a Web browser. Changes can be made to the offline design board, allowing users to add new jobs or adjust the schedule without taking the active board down. The Scheduler’s terminology can also be customized to match that of the shop using the program. Additionally, the program allows users to determine who has design control and who can monitor and enter jobs.


Press-sense Manager, from Press-sense, is a print-management system designed for small commercial printers and print on-demand shops. It merges front-end CRM capabilities with back-end billing and fulfillment processes and integrates offline business procedures with web-based front- and back-end systems. Press-sense Manager offers complete handling of an on-demand workflow, from job entry, estimating, and quoting, to ordering, file management, printing, and delivery. The system also works with the company’s flagship product, iWay, a complete Web-based, end-to-end, print on-demand, workflow and management solution. Key features of the system include enabling users to link media files with other job data, allowing employees to enter and access any customer information and manage tasks and follow-ups, automatically adjusting to existing pricing models, improving billing capabilities, and monitoring online communication with customers.

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