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Tips For Handling First-Time Vehicle Wrap Buyers

(January 2009) posted on Thu Jan 08, 2009

Basic questions and simple answers.

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By Jared Smith

We love 'first-time' wrap buyers: A new client has decided wraps are a great marketing tool-and that wraps just might be a great value, too. New clients come from everywhere. They could be agencies whose clients want to try something different, a new start-up with venture capital money, or a start-up on a shoestring budget. A new client could be an avid fisherman who doesn't have any sponsors but likes the other wrapped boats on the lake and wants to keep up. Or a new rapper promoting his debut hip-hop album. Or it might even be a local charity that won a grant. Their reasons for wrapping a vehicle may be very different, but one thing they all have in common is a lack of knowledge about vehicle wraps.

This is okay. You are supposed to be the expert, and that is why they are coming to you. They have visions of how cool this thing is going to look when it's all done. They are going to increase sales, impress their friends, increase brand awareness, and become the envy of their competitors. They just have no idea how it works. If you do a good job letting them know 'how it works,' you will have a much happier client, and a happy client is a very good thing.

Conveying a sense of confidence
When our shop was sort of new at producing wraps, we would tell some of the clients some of things they needed to know. We would constantly get conflicting information from our industry, and therefore, we didn’t always have our story straight with our clients. Since we really didn’t know what we were talking about either, we had a "blind leading the blind" situation on our hands, which left the door wide open for unhappy clients.

Thousands of wraps later, we are able to speak from our own knowledge base and experience. With some internal systems, processes, and training, we can now communicate in a way that is consistent, accurate, and complete. This conveys a sense of confidence that we are indeed experts and that the process we are about to take a first-time buyer through is well-thought-out and tested.