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The Six Golden Impression Rules

(January 2011) posted on Tue Jan 11, 2011

Importance of keeping print-company vehicle graphics looking fresh.

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By Jared Smith

Everyone wants to look the best they can. People spend a lot of time and money putting together their image. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are a people who evaluate books by their “covers.”

I recently attended a branding seminar where the speaker asked who did not care at all about the brand of the car they drove to raise their hands. One person raised their hand, and the speaker said there was always one or two people who claimed they were not influenced by the brand when making a car choice. I was surprised when the speaker said, “Even if that is true, the rest of us do care about what brand of car we drive, and that means when you pull up in your Suzuki Samurai we are not going to be okay spending a high rate to do business with you.” His point was clear to me: Regardless of your own personal point of view on first impressions, brand alliance or making judgments based on appearance, the rest of the world is looking and they are judging.

Shallow as it may be, to the viewer, appearances are true. We don’t have to agree with this thought but we have to acknowledge it. First impressions matter. As a matter of fact, all impressions matter. After all, that is what we vehicle-wrap shops actually sell: impressions. It’s a well-known and widely used term in all forms of advertising: impressions. But did you ever stop to think about the actual impression that we make?

We’ve all heard facts about the number of impressions a vehicle wrap can make during a typical day in a busy metropolitan city. Statistics, however, tend to focus on the number, not the quality of each impression. And I think most of us would agree that it is vital to convey a professional, attractive, and effective message with each and every vehicle wrap we put out. So I ask you, what does your own shop vehicle or shop fleet say about your shop?