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The Shakeout in 2006

(January 2006) posted on Thu Jan 05, 2006

Update your printers and software, because the digital industry industry is constantly changing.

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By Stephen Beals

What about software? admittedly, we're typically forced
to upgrade software simply because our customers are doing
it"?not because we get anything out of it. There are few items
in the latest releases of any of the major software products
that really give print providers added capabilities. and the cost
of these upgrades seems to be inversely proportional to their
value"?little value: ridiculous cost.

But you have little choice but to keep up with the latestand-
not-much-greater versions. and since it's a trend that
will not stop in 2006, my best advice is to get in on some of
the deals offered by software companies, such as adobe's
Print service Provider Program. Not all software vendors offer
upgrade programs, but they're well worth the time and effort
to check out. software upgrades are likely to cost you several
thousand dollars a year without providing much gain in efficiency;
a little preventive planning is at least a partial budget
solution to this problem.