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Symbio: PDF-to-Finish Workflow Automation Tool

(March 2006) posted on Thu Mar 16, 2006

Uses PDF and JDF standards to automate across diverse systems

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Symbio, from Objective Advantage, is a
PDF-to-finish workflow automation tool
that makes use of PDF and JDF standards
to automate production across
diverse presses and finishing systems,
even from different vendors.

Using PDF and JDF as its native file
formats, Symbio makes use of standards
to link presses and finishing systems.
Building on an imposition tool for the production
process, Symbio guides a pro-
duction operator through the laying out
of a job for print and finishing, to create
a multi-up PDF sheet. Symbio then uses
JDF to submit this sheet into the press
and finishing machines. The submission
from Symbio automatically creates the
print job in the print controller's queue
and supplies the press operator with all
the necessary information to print the
job. Details such as what size and weight
of media to use, the number of sheets,
and the job's level of priority are already

For finishing, Symbio knows the exact
layout that was used to place the items
on the sheet and uses this information
to set up the finishing equipment, including
preview images of the sheet.

The software works with EFI, Xerox,
and Creo workflows for digital presses,
and the company has begun discussions
with HP, NexPress, and Xeikon. Objective
Advantage reports that Symbio can be
implemented "in virtually any digitalprint
production environment, from printfor-
pay to a small commercial operation
or corporate production department."

The turnkey Symbio launch package
includes the software ready-installed on
a Dell OptiPlex 170L MicroTower PC.