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SeeFile Releases Version 2.0

(April 2006) posted on Mon Apr 24, 2006

Mac-based Web-server software for customer interaction

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SeeFile Version 2.0 is a Mac-based
Web-server software aimed at photographers,
designers, and smaller
graphic-arts studios wanting to work
and interact with their customers
online. The new version includes: Adobe
Bridge/XMP metadata support; metadata
export for archiving; Flash-based
portfolio presentations; multiresolution
file repurposing; list view display mode;
a pop-up Picklist window for selects;
side-by-side lightbox display mode; and
other features.

MSRP of standalone versions: SeeFile
Entry: $695; Studio: $1195; Bureau:
$1995; Corporate: $3995 (plus support
fees in all versions, ranging from
$149/yr to $995/yr). In addition, the
company offers the SeeFile Mini bundle,
which includes SeeFile Entry and a 40-
GB Mac mini; price: $995.