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Sealing the Deal

(May 2009) posted on Mon Apr 27, 2009

More than 40 companies offering large-format laminators.

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So you’ve given the project your all—the colors are correct, the graphics are sharp, and the print is flawless. But it needs a little something else. Perhaps the client mentioned that the finished piece would be installed in a high-traffic area and you want to provide the print with additional protection. Or maybe you suddenly see that it looks fine, but “fine” isn't good enough—and you and the client decide to add a texture to the final piece or enhance its gloss.

Just as a baseball manager can bring in his best relief pitcher—aka “closer”—to wrap up the win, you can do the same by bringing in a laminator to seal the deal. To help you find your own next print closer, we’ve assembled the following roster of more than 40 companies producing laminators that use pressure-sensitive and thermal films (hot, low-temp, and heat-activated), as well as those that utilize liquid laminates, to protect, encapsulate, and mount wide-format graphics. As always, we strive to provide a good sampling of wares from around the market; if we've missed a company, please let us know.

Note: Looking for more information on laminating media? Check out our January “Protection and Pizzazz” feature (p. 38), which provided snapshots on laminate offerings from more than 80 companies across the marketplace.

Advanced Greig Laminators
The 61-in. Compadre, a heat-assisted cold laminator, remains the latest machine from AGL. The company also offers the 62-in. Encore series of entry-level machines for pressure-sensitive and heat-activated films, including the NH, a cold laminator optimal for direct-to-vinyl; the SH, with a single top-heated roller for one-sided thermal films and pressure-sensitive overlams; the higher-performance DHR, which builds upon the SH; and the even more advanced Maxim model. Additional 62-in. hot/cold machines include: the 64 series, 6400, and 6450. The 8000 series boasts a 76–79-in. width.

Advantage Distribution
Its Advan-Tac EZ Mounter is a cold mounter able to coat boards up to ½-in. thick that allow for single-sided lamination; available in 25-, 61-, and 80 (available on request)-in. widths. The 53-in. AD JetMounter is a cold mounter designed for pressure-sensitive laminates and adhesives.

The Orasign 1600EH is a hot/cold laminator; the Orasign 1600EC is a cold laminator. Both machines work with media up to 63-in. wide and 1-in. thick.