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Rigid Report

(July 2011) posted on Wed Jul 27, 2011

More than 40 sources of rigid media.

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Some would argue that being too rigid may not be the best personality trait when it comes to running a business. Such inflexibility can cause you all kinds of problems, whether with your customers or with your own staff.

Substrate-wise, however, rigid is practically a must-have when it comes to having media on hand. Couple your favorite rigid media with the right printer and cutter/router, and your business can take on some jobs sure to impress your customers while also turning an equally impressive profit.

But finding just the right rigid media is not always easy. While there are far fewer suppliers of rigid versus standard vinyl, for instance, the number of rigid sources and choices continues to grow. To help you, The Big Picture has compiled a list of manufacturers and exclusive distributors of print-ready rigid media that is at least 24-inches wide. More than 40 companies are listed here; keep in mind that, due to space, we typically only provide a sampling of a company’s rigid roster; check their websites for detailed product offerings. And, note that we’ll be covering standard roll media in our September issue as well as specialty media in our October issue.


The Acriglas Clear Impressions line, designed to reproduce the look of patterned glass, is crystal clear and carries textures on one or both sides of the sheet. Nine new textures available (18 total) include: Brushed, Woven Silk, Mesozoic, Precambrian, Box Mini-Flute, Waffle Iron, Techno, and Morning Dew. Offered in standard sizes of 4 x 6 ft and in thicknesses from 1/8- to ½-in. Also available: Acriglas Metallic, Fluorescent, Edge Color, and Lisa substrates. Smooth side is inkjet- and screen-printable.

Advantage Distribution
The company’s Eco Advantage rigid media line includes: EcoFoam PVC (70% recycled content) in white, black, and white/black DigiPrint, all 48 x 96 in. x 3mm or 6mm; Earthboard (100% recycled content, compostable, biodegradable), available in 40 x 60-in. sheets in 0.80-in. thicknesses; Honeycomb Board (made from recycled kraft paper with white, clay-coated facers), available in 48 x 96-in. sheets, ¼- or ½-in. thicknesses; and Eco Styrene (biodegradable, high-impact) available in 48 x 96-in. sheets in 0.2-, 0.3-, or 0.6-in. thicknesses.

Altuglas International
Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and sheet sizes, Plexiglas acrylic sheets and Tuffak polycarbonate sheets can be wide-format inkjet printed.