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Review: Canon imageProGraf W8400 Printer

(October 2005) posted on Fri Oct 21, 2005

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By Jeff Dorgay

The printer has indents where it
attaches to the stand, so you'll know
when it's properly seated (this is where
that third person really comes in handy).
Included with the printer is an Allen
wrench and screwdriver to help with the
assembly, which is a nice touch. The
stand is fairly rigid, with the correct left
and right sides marked in the stand"?a
helpful addition for the crowd that doesn't
like reading directions. Oddly enough, no
USB cable is included with the printer, a
trend that I find alarming these days (after
shelling out the money for a printer, I don't
believe I should have to go to Radio Shack
to buy a $40 cable).

Once the printer is on the stand and
all the packing tape removed, the printhead
and the ink cartridges need to be
installed. Initial fill of the lines takes
only a few minutes. The ink cartridges
are a huge 330 ml (by comparison, the
Epson Stylus Pro 7600/9600 printers
use 220-ml cartridges, as do the Roland
Hi-Fi JET printers).