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Protecting Your Images

(February 2010) posted on Thu Mar 11, 2010

Laminates and graphics protection from more than 75 sources.

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By J.P. Pieratt

They are to graphics as an offensive line is to a star quarterback, a pit crew is to a championship car driver, or even a caddy is to a golfer: Remove them from the equation, and you can be mired in mediocrity or—even worse—inadequacy. They are laminates and protective films, and while proper use to the casual observer can make a project’s graphics shine as the star, insiders know that what you don’t see might just be the project’s MVP.

What follows is a compilation of more than 75 laminate and graphic-protection sources. For purposes of this list, we have only listed primary producers, manufacturers, and suppliers of laminates and graphic protection for the wide-format market, as well as companies that have their own branded media; we have not listed distributors/dealers who are simply selling another company’s brand.

Advanced Finishing Solutions
EnduraCoat aqueous liquid coatings for fleet, anti-graffiti, fine art, sign and banner, and digital wallpaper; InstaCure UV-curable coatings for gloss and matte applications.

Advanced Greig Laminators
Cover-Rite thermal and pressure-sensitive overlaminate films in matte, gloss, textured, and luster finishes.

Advantage Distribution
Its line of Advan-Tac Economy laminating films include pressure-sensitive, 4-mil GlossLam-UV, 3-mil PS Laminate, 2-mil PS High Gloss PolyLam, and 1-mil PS Clear Dry Erase.

Advantage Sign Supply
The Optima Opti-Koat line includes: clear and white double-sided adhesive; Xtreme Grip; PSA floor mat; dry erase; available in gloss, lustre, satin, and matte finishes.

Overlaminates include Series 3200 2-mil, optically clear; Series 3220/3230, matte or gloss; Series 3350, clear anti-graffiti; and Series 3420, calendered matte or gloss.
Acid-free cold (matte, gloss, luster) and canvas-texture laminates; scuff-resistant films (matte, gloss); also 1.5- to 3-mil roll-laminator films (matte or gloss).

Art Unica
DuraLam+ (gloss, matte, luster, and satin) and DuraSolv+.

Self-adhesive polyester and PVC laminating films, including Aslan SL Series for a variety of applications, available in various finishes, textures, and thicknesses; also MP Series for floor graphics.

Avery Dennison
DOL pressure-sensitive overlaminates include ultimate cast DOL 1060 (gloss), 1080 (matte), 1360 (gloss), and 1560 (optically clear); high performance calendered DOL 2060 (gloss), 2070 (luster), and 2080 (matte); promo calendered DOL 3060 (gloss), 3070 (luster), and 3080 (matte); and DOL 6060 anti-graffiti specialty film. New to ultimate cast line are 1.3-mil DOL 1370 (luster) and 1380 (matte).