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Photoluminescent Signs with PermaLight

(April 2006) posted on Mon Apr 24, 2006

The signs store and emit energy under darkness.

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Using the photoluminescent PermaLight
flexible and rigid media from American
Permalight, shops can use wide-format
printers to print safety signs. The resultant
photoluminescent signs absorb light
from sunlight (or from an interior light
source), store the energy, and then emit
the energy as light under dark conditions
over an extended period of time.

For use with both solvent and UV-curable
rollfed and flatbed printers, PermaLight
comes in a variety of styles"?
including self-adhesive and non-adhesive
flexible vinyl and polyester film, as well
as rigid PVC and aluminum. It also is available
in a range of luminance, for specific
code and safety compliance.

The self-adhesive flexible vinyl films
and colored vinyl films are 0.018-in.
thick, including the paper liner; the selfadhesive
polyester film is 0.012-in. thick
with paper liner. The flexible vinyl and
polyester films feature a glossy or matte
surface and are available in rolls from 24-
to 39 3.8-in. wide. These flexible films can
be die-cut, kiss-cut, and punched.

The non-adhesive rigid PVCs are
0.045- to 0.059-in. thick, feature glossy
or matte surfaces, and are available in
39 3.8 x 47 1.4-in. sheets. The rigid PVC
can be cut to size using a process cutter
or guillotine shears (or 3D signage can
be created by heat-forming using a strip
heater). The 48 x 40-in. rigid aluminum
sheets have a matte surface and are 0.7-
mm thick.

PermaLight's photoluminescent
products are non-radioactive, non-toxic,
lead-free, and contain no phosphor ingredients.
In general, PermaLight is recommended
for indoor use with a 25-yr life