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PDF Tools for Graphics Professionals

(July 2005) posted on Thu Jul 28, 2005

A sourcelist of products for compressing workflow.

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Instant PDF 3.0, from
Enfocus, creates Certified
PDFs using Enfocus PDF
Queues established on by printers,
publishers, industry
associations, and Enfocus.
Users can impor t
PDF queues as a built-in
synchronization feature
to ensure ongoing specification
consistency. Once
imported, the queues are
accessible through the
"Save as Certified PDF" file menu within tools such as Adobe
InDesign and QuarkXPress, and the PDF Services feature in the
Mac OS X print panel.

PitStop Professional is a PDF preflight, auto-correction,
and editing Adobe Acrobat plug-in that enables users to check
critical PDF attributes and automatically correct common
errors. Certified PDF technology embeds the PDF profile and
preflight report into a file, so users can gain immediate visual
feedback as well as track all edits made to a PDF. The Enfocus
PDF Workflow Suite includes Instant PDF, PitStop Server, and
PitStop Professional.


Esko-Graphics' Scope is a workflow solution that integrates a
wide range of print-production functions"?job management, preproduction
and process management, collaborative workflow,
and remote and distributed operations. Scope uses an open
environment to incorporate standard formats for file input and
output such as PostScript and PDF, and is JDF-enabled. It can
send any type of output information to proofing devices.

The BackStage workflow server allows users to specify output
parameters in advance, fixing all parameters for imposition,
control strips, color information, screening, etc."?reducing risk
of human error downstream.

Global Graphics

Jaws PDF Creator, from
Global Graphics, offers
users the ability to predefine
PDF configuration
settings that can be
selected at the point of
PDF generation. PDF Creator
appears as a desktop
icon allowing drag-anddrop
conversion of Post-
Script and EPS files to PDF.

Jaws PDF Editor, a
companion to PDF Creator, allows users to insert, extract, delete
and rotate, and re-order pages from multiple PDF files to produce a
single PDF file. PDF Creator or PDF Editor can be purchased standalone,
or they can be purchased together as Jaws PDF Partner.


Grafikhuset's Chameleon CMYK PDF Creator is a "PDF repair kit"
application that integrates with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later to
"clean" PostScript files before they reach Acrobat Distiller; the
result is press-ready PDF/X documents with CMYK colors.