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PDF Tools for Graphics Professionals

(July 2005) posted on Thu Jul 28, 2005

A sourcelist of products for compressing workflow.

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Other offerings from Arts include: PDF Stratify, for the controlling,
creation, and management of layers of content in layout
applications such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe
PageMaker; and the PDF Print Suite, which includes Crackerjack,
Quite Imposing Plus, and Enfocus PitStop Professional plug-ins.

Artwork Systems

Artwork Systems' Odystar is a hot folder-driven workflow system
based on core technology from Artwork and Enfocus software.
It utilizes PDF as its internal file format and JDF as the jobticket
format. Odystar allows easy integration with RIPs and
workflows from various manufacturers, and offers a complete
range of prepress tools"?from preflight, certification, and automated
document correction, all the way to advanced trapping,
imposition, proofing, printing, and screening to plate.

Odystar runs on Macintosh OS X platform and is a native PDF
1.4/1.5 workflow. In addition to the base Odystar configuration
that handles all typical prepress preparation of files, there are
two other modules: an automated imposition software and a PDF
1.4/1.5 RIP.

Callas Software

Callas Software's newest
PDF software is pdfColorConvert,
a plug-in for
Adobe Acrobat 6 and 7
that converts RGB/Lab
data and spot colors
from within PDFs into
CMYK to color-match
print output. PdfColor-
Convert is designed to
allow color management
without background
knowledge and uses Callas predetermined input and output profiles
to convert and correctly output the PDF document. System
requirements are Adobe Acrobat 6 or 7 and Windows 2000/XP or
Mac OS X.

The company also offers MadeToPrint InDesign/XT, a tool for
Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress users to help streamline the
creation of PDF, EPS, and PostScript files, including single pages.
It can save print settings of repetitive jobs, output layers and
layer combinations, as well as do batch processing with options
for checking images and fonts.

CGS Publishing Technologies

ORIS PDF Tuner (formerly Oris Page), from CGS Publishing Technologies
is a "full editing environment" for PDF and PostScript
files, says the company.
It allows customers to
open, make corrections
to, and output printready
pages in all major
file formats. PDF Tuner
features tools for control
over text, fonts, color,
overprinting, and complex
image retouching
and transparency
effects. Output printready
file options
include: PDF, PDF/X-1a,
PDF/X-3, PostScript, DCS, TIFF/IT-P1, or Scitex files. The software
is available for Windows (2000, XP, and 2003) and for Mac OS X.