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Onyx Updates PosterShop and ProductionHouse

(August 2003) posted on Wed Aug 13, 2003

Version 6.0 has web-based controls for remote print management

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Onyx Graphics has released version 6.0 of its flagship PosterShop and ProductionHouse color-production software. Both packages feature new Web portal controls, PosterColor color-rendering technology for better color of CMYK output, and additional screening patterns that can eliminate the appearance of banding in superwides and enable inkjets to double as prepress devices.

New file formats supported include JPEG 2000 format (already popular in CAD and GIS workflows) and 16-bit TIFFs. Other features include zero-line crop marks for seamless joining of printed tiles and the ability to name and save customized color-management selections.

ProductionHouse 6.0, for busy multi-printer environments, also has tools for generating contract proofs for superwide graphics and support for contour cutters. Support for MGE's i-cut digital die-cutting software is available as an option. For producers of digitally printed textiles, Onyx makes it possible to flip alternate images in the Step & Repeat application.

According to Onyx product manager Dean Derhak, most of the improvements in PosterShop and ProductionHouse 6.0 were suggested by customers.

Web Portal Controls: With the new Web-based portal controls in version 6.0, users can submit jobs and manage print queues remotely. In mixed-platform office environments in which several employees might be sending jobs to one or two wide-format inkjets, the Web-portal controls provide an easy-to-learn, common user-interface. In small shops, these features can relieve busy employees from having to return to the print area every few minutes to check on the status of the RIP. "Some of these shops even print jobs overnight, and managers can monitor the status of the RIP remotely from home," explains Derhak.

PosterColor Color Rendering: Companies using CMYK for fast throughput of outdoor advantage want every competitive advantage they can get. Onyx's new PosterColor feature can boost the color appearance of CMYK images when using ICC profiles: "Applying ICC profiles traditionally has dulled down the output," says Derhak. "But with our new PosterColor rendering, the full capabilities of a solvent ink can be achieved on CMYK prints without compromising on hue accuracy." The technology maintains gray balance and delivers colors that pop, even on matte media. Onyx PosterColor can work with spot-color matching tables for correct color matches on corporate identity graphics.