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Mondi Updates Inkjet Portfolio and Increases Distribution

(July 2014) posted on Wed Jul 23, 2014

New locations will expand operations beyond the North American Midwest.

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By Abigail Doyle

International packaging and paper group Mondi has further developed its high-speed inkjet portfolio. Benefits include a larger color gamut in red, allowing for improved accuracy when printing logos and images.

“Mondi has really listened to the needs of its customers in North America and identified the current short-comings of the high-speed inkjet technology, such as insufficient red color gamut or the strong competition by offset print jobs,” Johannes Klumpp, director of marketing and sales, says in a press release. “As a result, we are now offering optimized Mondi high-speed inkjet paper grades also in North America.”

In addition to the updated portfolio, Mondi is growing its North American distribution with new warehouses in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dayton, Ohio, due to increased customer demand. These new locations will expand Mondi’s operations beyond the North American Midwest.