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Markzware Upgrades FlightCheck Pro

(April 2006) posted on Mon Apr 24, 2006

Mac and Windows versions updated to 5.8

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FlightCheck Professional, the preflighting,
data-extraction, and conversion software
from Markzware, has been updated
to version 5.8 for both Mac and Windows
platforms. The latest version expands
PDF checking and bases it on the Ghent
PDF Workgroup's (GWG) PDF/X Plus specification.
(GWG has established "best practice"
specifications for the production and
preflighting of PDF files for a variety of
specialist applications.) FlightCheck now
comes with built-in "Ground Controls"
that validate PDFs to GWG specs.

Some improvements implemented
with this upgrade include improved handling
of gradients and blends; embedded
ICC-profile detection for Photoshop EPS;
improved Text Overprint reporting for PDF;
improved Artificial Text Styling detection
for PDF; and detection of Special Print
Options for Adobe InDesign files.

MSRP: $499; upgrade price: $199. The
upgrade is free to all registered users of
v. 5.5 or higher.