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Large-Format Laminators

(August 2004) posted on Mon Aug 30, 2004

A sourcelist of manufacturers and/or exclusive distributors of large-format laminators for use with

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Neolt S. p. A.

Manufactures NeoLam laminators with
widths from 43 to 81 in. and media thicknesses
from 30 to 50 mm. The C series features
cold lamination; S series has an upper
heated roller; its M, H, and Dual F series laminators
offer two heated rollers.


Makes the Accutech liquid lamination system,
which automatically coats, protects, and
texturizes digital and photographic images
with water-based lacquer. Its latest system,
the ACCU-CURE 72X UV, handles media up to
72 x 96 in. with speeds up to 90 ft/min, using
a UV Dryer for fast curing.

Optima International

Produces several liquid laminators. The company's
Rollacoat rollfed and sheetfed systems
range from 36 in. to more than 16 ft and
include infrared dryers. Optima also offers
the Super Shot Atomizer, a refillable, hand-held

Professional Laminating Systems

The PL series of wide-format laminators feature
widths up to 60 in. and lamination thicknesses
of up to 1.25 in., as well as hot and
cold lamination, or mounting, and speeds up
to 18 ft/min.

Repro Technology

Sells the Star series of 44 and 64-in. laminators,
which come in double-heated rollers, a
single-heated roller, and cold only; they
accommodate media up to 2 in. thick and
reach speeds up to 15 ft/min.

Royal Sovereign International

Makes a variety of hot and cold wide-format
laminators. The RSS Hot-Shoe and RSR Rolling-Shoe
laminators are designed for hot and cold
lamination, mounting, and encapsulation, and
offer widths from 27 to 41 in.; the RSH Hot-Roller
series offers widths from 41 to 65 in.;
and the Cold-Roll Laminator offers pressure-sensitive
lamination for images up to 65 in.

Seal Graphics Americas

Manufactures hot, cold, and pouch wide-format
laminators. The latest product is the
SEAL 80 Pro laminator, which features top-and
bottom-heated rollers for both pressure-sensitive
and heat-activated applications,
handling media up to 80 in. wide, and offering
speeds up to 20 ft/min. Other laminators
include the ProSeal 44 pouch laminator, Seal
EP42, the Ultra series, the Image 62 Plus and
600md, and the Seal 62 Pro.

Tek Werks

Makes the Spectra Pro hot and cold laminators,
available in 42, 55, 62, and 80-in.
widths (smaller-format machines are
upgradeable). The laminators feature laminating
speeds up to 15 ft/min and accommodate
media up to 1 in. thick.


Produces a wide array of laminators. Models
include the 27-in. ARL 2700 and CSL; the MRL
42-in; the CRL 40 and 42 Plus; and the 61-in.
wide Image 62 Plus.

Varitronic Systems

A Brady Worldwide business, Varitronic carries
two large-format cold laminators: ProFinish,
for images up to 24 in. wide; and the ProFinish
XL, for graphics up to 42 in. in width.

Wesco Machine

Manufactures F30, F38, and the W56 laminators.
The W56 accommodates media up to 54
in. wide, will laminate graphics up to 2.5 in.
thick, and reaches speeds up to 172 ft/min.


Makes the Xyron 4400 wide-format cold laminator,
which laminates graphics up to 44 in.
wide and 3/16 in. thick.