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Introducing 30+ New Printers

(June 2005) posted on Fri Jun 03, 2005

Specs for the new printers introduced at the 2005 ISA show.

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Inks:Solvent, 4-color

Format:Rollfed, 134 in.

Resolution:360 x 180 dpi

Print Speeds:up to 1500 sq ft/hr


Features an automated vacuum printhead purging,
3.2-l ink tanks, built-in drying system, integrated
ventilation hook for direct hook-up for
fume exhaust; has ability to run two rolls of
media together; designed for 24/7 operation,
and optional Wasatch SoftRIP. (See May 2005,
p. 21, for a full report.)

Liyu Lyric PM 1800, 2500, and 3200

Liyu Computer Equipment Mfg.

Inks:Solvent, 4-color

Format:Rollfed, 6, 8.2, 10.49 ft

Resolution:180 x 370 dpi

Print Speeds:up to 538 sq ft/hr

Xaar XJ-128 printheads, Scanvec Amiable Photo-
PRINT RIP, and uni/bidirectional printing.

MacDermid ColorSpan
DisplayMaker 72SI

MacDermid ColorSpan

Inks:Solvent, 4-color

Format:Rollfed/flatbed, 73 in.

Resolution:600 x 600 dpi

Print Speeds:up to 650 sq ft/hr


Uses 16 Micro-Quad printheads, can print onto
roll and rigid media (up to 1/4 in. thick) with
optional roller tables; also features six print
modes, self-cleaning printhead service station,
heater/dryer system, and automatic eye technology
and colorimeter photo diode which automates
setup and calibration steps.

Mimaki JV22-160 Ultra 8


Inks:Dye-sub, aqueous pigmented, or textile
pigment, 6-, 8-color (CMYKcm, CMYKcmog,

Format:Rollfed, 63 in.

Resolution:up to 1440 x 1440 dpi

Print Speeds:275 sq ft/hr


Flexible inksets allow the printer to be used by
different markets: photo/graphics and
textile/dye sublimation. (See April 2005, p. 28,
for a full report.)

Mutoh Toucan LT


Inks:Mild-solvent, 6-color (CMYKcm)

Format:Rollfed, 64/87 in.

Resolution:1440 dpi

Print Speeds:398 sq ft/hr


Features heavy-duty media feed/take-up system
that holds up to 220 lbs, and four printing
modes; optional Captivair air-quality system.
(See May 2005, p. 21, for a full report.)

Roland SOLJET PRO II SJ-1045


Inks:Mild-solvent, 6-color (CCMMYK, CMYKcm)

Format:Rollfed, 104 in.

Resolution:up to 1440 x 1440 dpi

Print Speeds:484 sq ft/hr


Roland's largest and fastest printer features an
IS-1000 high-capacity ink-delivery system,
newly added print mode, a heavy-duty mediahandling
system, and VersaWorks RIP.

Seiko ColorPainter 100S

Seiko I Infotech

Inks:Solvent, 6-color (CMYKcm)

Format:Rollfed, 104 in.

Resolution:720 x 720 dpi

Print Speeds:up to 220 sq ft/hr


Features for this printer include; Fine Draft
mode, (540 x 720-dpi, 4-pass, bidirectional
printing), the ability to print onto two media rolls
simultaneously, EG-Outdoor Inks, 3-yr outdoor
durability without lamination, and support rolls
up to 242 lbs.

Skyjet Little Fairy High-Speed
2600HS/3300HS Series