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InteliCoat Celebrates 10 Years of Magic

(April 2003) posted on Tue Apr 22, 2003

With new materials to boost the revenues of owners of wide-format inkjets

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InteliCoat Technologies, which has a legacy of more than 70 years of designing and engineering coatings, recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Magic? brand of wide-format inkjet media. The brand was officially registered on April 5, 1993.

Over the past decade, the developers of Magic media have helped stimulate the market for large-format graphics by producing a multitude of materials with which early adopters of electrostatic and wide-format inkjet printers could create sellable, new products of their own.

As demand for large-format display graphics grew, many Magic media products were developed to improve turnaround times or provide lower-cost options for short-term graphics. The newest additions to the Magic product line include products that make it easier to produce higher volumes of photorealistic graphics in shorter periods of time, hang and reposition posters, create on-demand floor graphics, and sell customized wallcoverings. Other new products can help graphics producers save time and materials in mounting prints and using solvent-system inkjets for more than just outdoor signs.

Universal Resin-Coated Photobase (DMPDQU): In order to handle higher-volume jobs or meet expectations for faster turnaround times, many graphics producers rely on today's new generation of faster-throughput inkjet printers. But in a production environment, a fast-throughput printer is worthless if the prints must be spread around the shop to dry before they can be laminated. InteliCoat's Magic line now includes an 8-mil universal photobase paper that combines the image-quality advantages of a true resin-coated photo paper with the instant-dry benefits provided by the microporous coating developed to make inkjet media suitable for use with many makes of models of wide-format inkjet printers that use water-based inks.

Adhesive-Backed Polypropylene for Posters (LOTAK-7): The low-tack repositionable adhesive on Magic LOTAK-7 polypropylene media makes it easy to mount and remove printed graphics from a variety of smooth, flat surfaces. The versatile 9-mil media is suitable for a variety of short-run, short-term promotions, including vehicle decals such as bumper stickers for local political candidates. The media is compatible with most popular models of wide-format inkjets, whether they use water-based, oil-based, or solvent-based inks.