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Hiring Good Managers

(January 2006) posted on Thu Jan 05, 2006

Assembling a core management team can determine your business success.

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By Marty McGhie

As your business evolves and grows"?whether this growth is
slow, steady, or rapid"?your success will depend largely upon
the quality of the management team that surrounds you. After
all, you can't do everything yourself; plus, you'll find that if you
are able to put quality individuals in key positions at your company,
you won't have to. The company will benefit from a varying
combination of your skills
and ideas combined with
your team's, and the company
will thrive as a result.

Assembling that core
management group, however,
can be one of your most
challenging tasks. Plus, once
you have put together your
"dream team," how do you go
about training and retaining
it? This month, I'll focus on
the hiring aspect (in a future
column I'll tackle training and retaining)"?how do you get quality
managerial prospects to your shop in the first place?

Initial steps

Begin by deciding exactly what type of individual you would
like to hire. When advertising for your management position,
list the qualifications that you're seeking as well as the salary
range that you expect to pay. Listing these factors up front can
save you from getting too many resumes from either underqualified
or over-qualified candidates.

Next, decide where to search for your new manager. Years
ago, your primary and sometimes only option was using the
local newspapers. Not any more. While that remains an excellent
resource, other alternatives are available. One logical
place to post the position is on your own website. Once people
notice that you advertise for employment positions on your
website, you'll be amazed at how many will respond to your
site"?and it's free.

In addition to your own site, multiple websites are dedicated
specifically to recruiting and placing personnel, such as Monster.
com,,, and The good
ones are usually subscription-based for the employer doing the
searching. Don't be a tightwad"?not everything is free on the
Internet. The top management candidates out there are using
these websites, too, so it can be money well spent.