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High-Fashion Fabrics

(March 2011) posted on Wed Mar 09, 2011

Dyenamix's digitally printed textiles grace fashion runways, Broadway stages, and other venues.

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By Mike Antoniak

By the time Dyenamix added the second Mimaki, though, potential competitors began to appear as others looked to her niche as an opportunity to recoup their investment in digital fabric-printing systems. However, her years of experience working with fabric, and familiarity with the high-pressure steam finishing process and washing that textiles require, gave her company the competitive advantage. “We had a definite advantage because we had already been dyeing, printing, and painting on textiles, and understood how to properly finish and treat the fabric,” Marasco says.

Her intimate understanding of the digital-printing process, as it impacts textiles, grows with each project. “Every piece of fabric accepts color differently, so every job is a special job,” Marasco says. “We do a ridiculous amount of color matching, and a lot of sampling before we’ll approve the color.” That expertise, commitment to quality, and willingness to partner with clients to meet their deadlines, has allowed Dyenamix to expand its client base.

The company has digitally dyed and printed fabric used for costumes seen on major Broadway shows, in feature films and on TV: Wicked, Hairspray, The Taking of Pelham 123, Shutter Island, and American Gangster, to name just a few.

For the 2009 film Duplicity, for example, costume designers turned to Dyenamix to create material for a dress to be worn by Julia Roberts’ character. A section of vintage dress was scanned into a Mac where the design was repeated in Photoshop, then printed on 100-percent cotton used to make the dress.
“Designers often find a vintage garment they might want to use for a costume but the original might be damaged, it’s not the right size, or they need it in a different color,” Marasco explains. Dyenamix routinely solves such problems, and offers clients more choices in the final appearance of their designs.

Art and fashion
Dyenamix worked with several artists, including Louise Bourgeois, to produce digital prints on a range of fabrics. In the fashion industry, “Our textiles grace the runways of top fashion designers like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Narisco Rodriquez, Jill Stuart, and Proenza Schouler,” she continues. “We’ve worked for a mix of ever-changing clients and projects, but the core of our business has always been fashion people, and the fashion industry.”