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Getting it All at Graph Expo

(January 2008) posted on Thu Jan 10, 2008

From workflow and wide format, to finishing and fulfillment.

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By Clare Baker, Gregory Sharpless

Price on the Canon printers: iPF9000S, $14,995; iPF8000S, $5995.

GMG ( launched version 4.5 of its color-management and proofing systems: GMG ColorProof, GMG ColorServer, and GMG InkOptimizer. All GMG solutions now feature new profile and driver updates, as well as stronger image sharpening, working with more inkjet printing systems, and providing easier hot-folder use. They also deliver multi-core processor support and can operate on the Windows Vista operating system.

The new version of GMG ColorProof, the company’s color-management proofing software, focuses on new drivers and spot-color support. New features include: calibrated spot colors; support of new HKS and Pantone Goe spot-color sets for Epson and HP Z printers; sharpening for proofing profiles; support for new printers, including the 64-in. Epson 11880.

New features in GMG’s ColorServer 4.5, a tool for automatic color conversions, focus on improved profiles and include: new additional profile rules for PDF-to-PDF (allowing ColorServer to convert PDF files with multiple embedded profiles to the corresponding profiles, in one hot folder); extended profile rules for color and file conversion hot folders; extended 3-D sharpening for PDF files, independent from scaling; the ability to generate a GMG preview ICC profile for separation profiles as well as a GMG CMYK simulated ICC profile for GMG separation, conversion, and proofing profiles.

For InkOptimizer 4.5, designed to automatically reduce chromatic colors, new features include: new additional profile rules for PDF-to-PDF; extended profile rules for file conversion hot folders; and extended 3-D sharpening for PDF files.

EFI ( previewed a new version of its PrinterSite Fulfillment solution, the Web-based storefront for fulfillment ordering. The upcoming release is designed to provide more visually appealing Web sites for ordering pull-from-inventory, print-on-demand, and VDP items, as well as non-print items; it adds new "merchandising features" such as rotating banner ads and category graphics, plus features such as real-time shipping and taxes, and new payment methods such as "spending accounts," gift cards, and coupons.

Specific new features include: New XMPie features that allow users to manipulate their databases through the Web interface; a new "image picker," which lets users compose sophisticated VDP items in the Web interface, using a library of pre-stored images and graphics; and a new "product matrix" functionality that allows items like apparel and logo merchandise to be seamlessly marketed on the site, just like on business-to-consumer sites.