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Getting it All at Graph Expo

(January 2008) posted on Thu Jan 10, 2008

From workflow and wide format, to finishing and fulfillment.

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By Clare Baker, Gregory Sharpless

The Smart Review System works by streaming from a server to the user’s monitor, sending only the data required to view the requested region of the image at a given zoom level. This allows even very large files to be proofed and reviewed quickly and easily over standard Internet connections without the need to transfer the entire file, Kodak reports. Included with the system: an easy-to-use navigation window, densitometer and measurement tools, on-the-fly panning and zooming, image rotation, and approval. It can be used with a variety of graphics-arts file formats. Kodak MatchPrint Virtual Technology is available as an option to the system, allowing images to be proofed and displayed with accurate color on qualified monitors.

In other Kodak news, the company:

* Enhanced its Kodak MatchPrint Inkjet Proofing solution to now offer support for the recently introduced Epson Stylus Pro series of printers in 2-up, 4-up, and 8-up formats, including Epson UltraChrome K3 inks with Vivid Magenta technology.

* Released an updated version of Kodak Proofing Software, which now supports all of Kodak’s hard-copy proofing systems: the Kodak Approval Digital Color Imaging System, the Kodak Veris Digital Proofer, and the MatchPrint Inkjet Proofing Solution.

* Launched new MatchPrint Inkjet Proofing Media products designed specifically to support emerging US specifications from IdeaAlliance as well as standard European specifications: Kodak MatchPrint Pro Coated SM240P Media, Type 1 (meets GRACoL coated type 1 and FOGRA39 specifications) and Kodak MatchPrint Pro Coated SM240P Media, Type 3 (meets SWOP coated type 3 specifications). The media is compatible with all current MatchPrint inkjet printers, including new Epson models.

* Introduced Kodak Cutting and Creasing Tables, designed to allow companies "to achieve new levels of predictability of the final printed piece" with packaging mockups and comps. Available in two sizes-A2 Format at 25.6 x 17.72 in. and A1 Format at 33.45 x 25.6 in.-the tables can handle a full range of packaging substrates including folding carton, corrugated, and flexible materials. When used in conjunction with its Approval Digital Color Imaging System, reports Kodak, the tables help operators produce comps with accurately matched spot color. The tables feature tangential knives, two- or three- point creasing wheels, a vacuum hold-down feature, and EngView package designer software with CAM module. Kodak reports that the tables can produce a scored, cut carton in approximately 60 sec.