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Gerber Introduces Edge FX Thermal-Transfer Printer

(May 2005) posted on Sat May 07, 2005

System includes RFID technology.

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Gerber's Edge FX thermal-transfer printer requires less than 6 ft of table space and features a reusable foil caddy that is removed via a side, slide-in door. Also featured is a removable foil insert that allows shops to order the foil amounts that best fit their needs--15m (49.2 ft), 45m (147.6 ft), and 91m (298.6 ft).

The foil system includes RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. A foil-integrated RFID tag works with the printer's RFID reader/writer to read the foil's color, compare actual roll length to the job's requirements, and update the tag with the remaining foil length. "This feature accelerates products and prevents costly errors," says Tony Veatch, group product manager for Gerber. The Edge FX foil line includes GerberColor Spot, Process, Transparent, Medal, L.T. Heat Transfer, Special Effects, and the Finishing Series. (Gerber Scientific Products: