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Four PDF Helpers

(March 2006) posted on Thu Mar 16, 2006

A look at Acrobat Pro, Enfocus PitStop, Apago PDF Enhancer, and Callas pdfColorConvert.

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By Stephen Beals

Four tools

Lucky for us, however, there's a growing arsenal of PDF-editing
tools on the market that can make working with PDF files
much easier. let's take a look at four of these, including: Adobe
Acrobat Professional, Enfocus Pitstop, Apago PDF Enhancer,
and Callas pdfColorConvert. and while there are also several
third-party products available for helping with the creation of
PDF files, I'll hold these for a future column.

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional: adobe (
    has a couple of different versions of the acrobat product
    that include Distiller. The more you pay for acrobat, the more
    features you get, and a print professional probably should
    buy the complete package. If you are still using acrobat 6, or
    even the standard version of acrobat 7, you are missing dozens
    of production tools. acrobat 7 Pro gives the user several
    tools specifically for print output including the ability to print
    composites, flatten live transparency, fix hairline rules, and
    convert colors to CMYK. The Pro version also lets you optimize
    compression and resolution of images and create large-format
    (aRCH, aNsI, IsO, and JIs) PDF files. Price: $449, for Mac
    and Windows platforms.
  • Enfocus PitStop Professional: Pitstop Professional, from
    Enfocus ( is undoubtedly the most universal
    PDF editing tool on the market. While acrobat Professional
    now allows RGB-to-CMYK conversion and hairline correction,
    it still has issues and these can only be resolved with a thirdparty
    plug-in. Pitstop allows you to add and edit text in PDF
    documents, although it is not a perfect solution due to the
    nature of PDF files. (PDF tends to break up lines of text into
    segments, which inhibits the ability to make changes; also, if
    the complete font is not embedded and is not available, you
    may not be able to make changes if the specific text you want
    to change is not available to the system.)