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Finishing Equipment and Accessories

(August 2004) posted on Mon Aug 30, 2004

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Rosenthal Manufacturing

Manufactures customized sheeting machinery
from 30 to 60 in. wide and up to 25 mil thick.


Cut flexible or roll materials with this company's
Eurocut (for materials up to 26 in.
wide and 2 mm thick), Professional (for
materials up to 54 in. wide and 3 mm thick),
or Technical/Powertech (for materials up to
99 in. wide and 4 mm thick) models. The
Technical or Powertech are best suited for
high-volume use, especially with thick
boards. The wall-mounted Sawmaster (for
materials up to 49 in. wide and 10 mm
thick) is best for cutting rigid sheet materials
up to 10 mm thickness. The company
will soon release its new Autosheeter, a 61-in.,
high-speed automatic sheeter for rollable
substrates up to 2.5 mm thick.

Seal Graphics Americas

Produces a variety of Seal cutters such as
its MultiCut Wall Mount System (with a vertical
cutting up to 60 in. and up to 0.5 in.
thick), EasyCut (40 and 60-in. width, 0.5 in.
thickness), and AccuCut Table Mount System
(60 to 100 in. wide, up to
3/8 in. thick).

Sinclair Equipment

Manufactures the Triad Thermal Wedge
Welding system, which can weld PVC, PE,
PP, urethane, and many other flexible membranes.
It welds 12 to 14-oz material at
approximately 20 ft/min.


Features Rhino 180 Fat Mat cutting mats
(up to 6 x 12 ft).


Manufactures grommet presses, including
its Model 405 Bench Press and Model 479,
as well as grommets.

Summa USA

Makes several vinyl cutters that will accommodate
a variety of roll and sheet materials
from 24 to 63 in. wide and up to 0.04 in.
thick. They cut at speeds up to 56 in./sec.


Offers four series of large-format Techno CNC
routers (that range up to 59 x 144 in.) as well
as laser cutters that cut media up to 50 x 96 in.

Trim USA

Features Perimeter Trim System, a decorative
edge-protection system for mounted graphics;
it works with a variety of substrates.


Produces the UltraSeamer, an RF welding
machine for seaming together flexible
materials, and can be used for overlap or
butt seams. UltraRolls Roller laminating
tables are for easy application of self-adhesive
films or overlaminates to substrates
up to 2.25 in. thick.

Vision Computerized
Engraving Systems

Makes Vision CNC routers with working areas
up to 24 x 48 in. and Large-Field Laser cutters
to handle applications up to 5.5 x 12 ft.


Manufactures CNC routers, laser cutter, and
engraving systems. Routers in its Rebel
series cut up to 100 x 150 in. Newest products
include EX laser cutter (with cutting
area of up to 36 x 51 in.), and G/X laser cutting
system (up to 51 x 51-in. cutting area).

Western Graphtec

The new FC3600 heavy-duty cutter is able
to cut rigid and thick materials as fast as
23.6 in./sec. It can cut a wide variety of
substrates such as corrugated cardboard,
paper, film, vinyl, leather, plastics, polycarbonates,
and styrene up to 1.2 in. thick.