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Fanning the Vehicle-Wrap Flames

(July 2010) posted on Fri Jul 16, 2010

Six projects to help you re-ignite your passion for vehicle graphics.

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By Jared Smith

Next up was the install. If you inspect the photo, you can see the challenges we faced in lining up the art content in multiple panels, including the roof and bumpers. Once that was sorted out and installed, we took on one of the most difficult items we have ever laid vinyl on: the hood-mounted light bar. To call this “complex curves” is an understatement—this shape was like four eggs mounted to a surfboard. But, by combining heat with a decade of skill, our installers managed to contain any seams to the underside of the fixture, resulting in a mind-blowing effect that honestly looked like it was airbrushed. I have never been more impressed by our install crew than when I went looking for the seams on that light bar—I couldn’t find any.

This project was extra-special to us because Rockford Fosgate’s headquarters is in our home town of Tempe. The client was ecstatic and more orders soon followed.

• Challenges: Getting the design to the exact spot; it took some exploring and some proofs not being approved before we got there, but in the end we hit the mark. Additionally, allotting for the time it took to get the correct design was not easy. And, of course, there was the light bar; that piece was not for rookies.

• Easiest part: The actual printing of the graphics. Our HP TurboJet is fast with brilliant color and resolution; knowing that it will only take minutes for output makes it easier to take the time required to get the survey, design, and color testing done right. (Photo D)

Hidden from the Public Eye
It never ceases to amaze me how many unique opportunities we’ve received just because we are “the sign guys.” This project was no exception. The call came in: “This is SMA Hummer [a Hummer specialty dealer] and we’ve designed a custom rack that features a ramp and storage system to allow a Hummer SUT owner to carry his motorcycle with him. We want you to design, print, and install a wrap and, if possible, drive this SUT up to Anaheim and deliver it to Travis Pastrana at the first Supercross event of the year.” Being big fans of Supercross, Nitro Circus, Red Bull, and the X-Games, we knew exactly who motorcross racer Travis Pastrana was, and gladly took the job.