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Fanning the Vehicle-Wrap Flames

(July 2010) posted on Fri Jul 16, 2010

Six projects to help you re-ignite your passion for vehicle graphics.

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By Jared Smith

After the final designs were chosen, we had to do some extra work to figure out how to tile and print the panels to end up with the most ideal plaid pattern directions. This is best done by involving your senior installers and walking around the vehicle with the final proof in hand to develop a good plan of attack. Plus, H1 vehicle wraps are a little more difficult to install than the average vehicle wrap due to all the hinges and hardware; those issues multiply when you introduce a geometric background pattern.

Printed on 3M IJ180Cv3 with 3M 8518 using the HP Turbojet and installed by our crew, these wraps came out way beyond our client’s expectations. To deliver one of these vehicles is a lot of fun as you watch the other drivers stare; and it’s doubly rewarding when the client buys you a cold one when you get there.

• Challenges: Making plaid work on an H1—from design through print to the final install—proved to be quite challenging and took longer than we originally estimated.

• Easiest part: Finding an in-house designer willing to work with the client-provided images of the Tilted Kilt wait staff. (Photo B)

Anywhere and Back for Baseball
I believe this is the only TomCar we have wrapped to date. Fast, tough, off-road vehicles, these versatile machines carry the tagline, “Anywhere and back.” A program was put together by one of our clients, an authorized TomCar dealership, to cross promote TomCar and the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. The combination of the unique branding elements provided by the D’backs and the fun body lines of this vehicle made it very entertaining to work on.

Following our standard process, we presented several design directions, made a few revisions, and ended up with an approved look. The final was printed on 3M materials with our HP TurboJet and took less than five minutes to print. The install went quickly as well. But just to make sure everything was installed correctly, of course, we had to take it for a test drive or two. The result? The graphics stayed put, along with the memories of ripping around in this vehicle.