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Drytac's Protac Diffuser Improves Backlit Displays

(July 2003) posted on Tue Jul 22, 2003

Backing film for graphics on clear or translucent media

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Drytac's Protac Diffuser is an ultra-thin diffusing backing film that can minimize unwanted glare and hot-spot distortion on backlit graphics output on clear or translucent media. When laminated to the back of the graphic, the 2.5 mil white polyester film disperses the display unit's light source evenly and consistently throughout the image. Because the film is so thin, it can even be used on backlit graphics used in scrolling displays and ultra-thin lightboxes.

To withstand even the most demanding lightbox conditions, Protac Diffuser has an aggressive cross-linking, solvent-based acrylic adhesive that resists tunneling and adheres to most print media, including Duratrans?, translucent white inkjet film, and reverse print polycarbonate. Available roll widths: 25 to 51 in (Drytac: 800-280-6013,