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Dehnco Offers Ergonomic Workbenches and Roll Storage

(January 2003) posted on Mon Jan 13, 2003

For efficient handling of bulky production and shipping materials

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Dehnco Equipment & Supplies offers products that can help ergonomically organize work areas, eliminate clutter, and create better worfklows in packing and shipping departments and manufacturing, assembly, testing, and inpsection areas. The company's free 24-page brochure on "Ergnomic, Heavy Duty Modular Workstations and Support Systems" illustrates a variety of workbenches, packing tables and supply stands.

For example, Dehnco's Multi-Level Carton Stand is designed for the easy handling, and storage of packing cartons. Mounted on heavy-duty casters for easy maneuverability, the 2- and 3-tier stands organize and store a variety of box sizes and other supplies.

Other products, such as the Over-The-Conveyor Workstation are designed to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. Dehnco's Low-Cost Automatic Feeder dispenses and cuts rolled materials such as paper, cloth, foil, vinyl, plastic, and fabrics up to 80 in. wide. The company's Roll Storage Systems accommodate multiple rolls of materials up to 72-in. wide, including large-diameter rolls. Dehnco Cutting Systems can manually or pneumatically cut materials such as fiberglass, plastic, rubber, bubble, foam, cloth, vinyl, foil, and paper. Available in five standard widths up to 72 in. wide, the cutting systems can be equipped with roll storage and dispensing accessories. (Dehnco: 847-382-1579;

Multi-Level Carton


Low-Cost Automatic

Roll Storage Systems