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Bringing 2D to Life

(May 2011) posted on Mon Mar 28, 2011

QR Codes add interactive elements to wide-format graphics.

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By Jason Pinto

• Measuring the success: As with anything business related, it’s the result and success that’s most important. Being able to measure the success of any marketing initiative is crucial. Not only will it be helpful to you in determining which of your customers are interested in the technology, but it provides quantitative data showcasing your success, which you can share with your customers. Additionally, if your customer is going to take the leap and integrate QR codes into their printed materials, they will definitely want to be able to measure the results, allowing them to better determine customer behavior.

• Monitoring scans of the code: Various software programs have the ability to record the amount of scans per day, what time those scans took place, the location of the scans, and the types of devices being used to scan the code. For example: a healthcare-provider billboard geared toward members with allergies, promoting a new over-the-counter drug. The graphics feature a QR code that directs the recipient to a website with additional information. Using these software programs, the healthcare provider can gauge interest in the new drug and monitor how many people scanned the code each day, as well as which geographic regions they reside.

• Gathering customer information in real-time: It’s also possible to take QR codes one step further and use them to capture contact information on each customer. With the right software, it’s possible to direct the users to a landing page that will request their contact information before they’re allowed to proceed. Your customer will garner valuable knowledge previously unattainable at that point of engagement, allowing them to update mailing lists.

Measurement and Tracking
By offering your clients ways to track the success of a building wrap or movie poster, you can keep them coming back and help justify the expenses of initiating expensive marketing initiatives involving wide-format graphics. Maximizing success with QR codes is made simple by the multitude of inexpensive online software options available that allow you to create QR codes and view the success of your efforts through real-time reports. Among the result-data that can be obtained from QR software is:

• Number of scans: find out how many people have scanned your QR codes.