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3P's UVC Textiles Pass Muster on Durst Rho 160

(October 2003) posted on Tue Oct 07, 2003

Provide new choices for flags, banners and display graphics

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Several of 3P Inkjet Textiles' UVC textiles has been tested and approved for use with the UV-curable inks on the Durst Rho 160 inkjet printer.

UVC Country is a 100% woven cotton developed especially for use with UV-curable inks. It can be printed on both sides and is flame retardant.

FlagTex, SubliFlag, and SubliFlag CS are knitted polyester fabrics that have matte surfaces. The materials are light, translucent, and tearproof, making them suitable for outdoor applications such as flags and banners. The CS fabric is flame retardant with international certification.

Solventgloss is an economy fabric with a glossy surface.

Durst provides details about how to achieve optimal results on the Rho in its online resource for Rho users. (3P Inkjet Textiles Corporation: