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10 Ways to Create the Limelight

(January 2008) posted on Thu Jan 10, 2008

Display systems can help produce a double-take for your client's graphics.

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By Angela Prues

Tape a digitally printed masterpiece to a wall and it essentially becomes a dorm-room poster. Dangle a fabric banner without consideration for its appearance and it is visual clutter. Retail-store and restaurant owners know that visual presentation sells and business owners and managers recognize that this school of thought should be taken seriously. After all, even perfectly executed print jobs can appear blase if the installation and display detract from the visual itself.

Display systems, and a print provider’s display system incorporation into the total package, offer multi-faceted benefits. A fitting display structure ensures that in addition to perfect graphics, the installation complements the final product. As crucial as ink and media compatibility are, so too is the graphic and display compatibility in the resulting overall appearance.

In addition, keep in mind that customers may not be savvy in display options, and consequently may use dated, generic, or simply poor graphic display choices-which can reflect poorly on the print provider, regardless of its lack of involvement in that process. Selling the graphics with correlating display systems may better represent the products, bring customers back, or provide that crucial one-up against competitors.

Choices in displays are numerous, of course. To attain a true "display advantage," the key is a system that is compatible with the graphics, complements the message the client is seeking to portray, and helps that message truly stand out in what can be a crowded field. The 10 display systems highlighted here represent just some of the available marketplace solutions and range from standard banner stands to energy-saving LEDs and displays that add smells and sounds to their visual component. The bottom line: The display system you choose can indeed serve to ice the digitally printed cake.

Graphic Sniff

A display that first appeals to a viewer’s hearing and smell just may get their eyes on your graphics and clients in your Rolodex. A simulated environment-complete with sight, smell, and sound- is possible with the Panorama Sensifier from Clearr Corporation.