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XMF Remote 9.5 from Fujifilm

Enhancements include a new user interface based on the HTML5 Platform.

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Fujifilm North America has introduced XMF Remote 9.5, the latest version of its online print job management system.

Part of Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow and Production Management Suite, XMF Remote allows print companies and print buyers to directly submit and approve jobs for printing. Once approved in XMF Remote, jobs are sent to XMF Workflow for automatic print production.

XMF Remote 9.5 features include:
• A new redesigned user interface based on the HTML5 platform, designed to be more secure;
• Cross-platform capabilities, and fully compatible with mouse- or finger-based operations;
• The ability to upload multiple print jobs concurrently, plus a fast page-scrolling mode; and
• The ability to sample colors from multiple areas of a job simultaneously.


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