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Xara Adds Xara Designer Pro X10

An extended version of Photo and Graphic Designer v10.

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Xara has added Xara Designer Pro X10, an all-in-one creative software that provides tools for a range of graphic design tasks that would normally require three or more separate programs: illustration, photo editing, web graphics, advanced page layout (desktop publishing & PDF), websites and more, according to Xara.

Features include:
• A new publishing technique called Supersites, providing instant navigation between print documents and websites;

• Support for responsive web design, a technique to create multiple layout variations of the same website optimized for different devices such as mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers;

• Xara SmartShapes, for drawing shapes on a document. It requires no knowledge of any drawing tools and is fully customizable;

• New shadow and highlight controls providing the user with editing control over specific areas of their photo that are in deep shadow or bright light;

• And a new online content catalog, new templates and widgets, support for the automatic rotation of images from iPhones and other cameras with orientation sensors, a new insert menu, improved web presentations, and improved import/export support for .doc, .docx files, and RTF files.

MSRP: $299. Xara Designer Pro X10 operates on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1, and is bundled with the PhotoLooks plug-in from Red Giant software.


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