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Virtual CDs from Alamy Images Save Time and Hassle

Royalty-free image collections are downloadable

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Alamy Images, a UK-based provider of specialized stock photography, has devised a way for graphic designers to get all the benefits of hard-copy, royalty-free CDs without the hassle of actually ordering the physical discs.

With Alamy's Virtual CDs, customers can download the images directly from Alamy's website and burn them right to their own discs for immediate use.

Customers can initially choose from more than 130 Alamy Virtual CDs from contributors such as image100, imagestopshop, ImageState, PhotoWood, Up the Resolution, and Nature Picture Library.

Prices start at $170 for 55 images and range up to $599 for 100 images. Exact pricing depending on the provider. The number of images on each Virtual CD also varies because the disks have been put together by different contributors.

Virtual CDs can be purchased from Alamy in the same way as single images at www.alamy.com and remain in the user's account, the same as single images do. Customers simply log in and then are able to download images from the CD. (Alamy Images: www.alamy.com)

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