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Used: OEM Programs

These manufacturers offer previously used printers for sale.

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EFI Vutek

Previously owned program: Yes, the program is the Vutek Certified Used Printer Program.

Where sourced: These generally come from trade-up programs and a few demo units that have been returned to stock.

Inspection process: The Vutek Certified Used Printer Program runs a full systems check on all major and minor subsystems of the machine, replacing parts as necessary. Final systems checks are performed as with new equipment before shipping to customers.

Warranty offered: Typically ranges from 0-6 months depending on pricing of the used unit, but can be custom tailored to customer needs. Further, customers can purchase additional coverage.

Maintenance/service contracts: Some contracts-such as Enhanced Service Program (ESP)-are regional dependant but are generally available for new and refurbished printers that have not reached end of service. In some cases an onsite inspection is required if the printer was not a VUTEk direct resale printer. For current models, the customer has access to all features of the ESP program. For units not current being sold by Vutek sales reps and distributors, we offer a variety of service options to the customer ranging from time and material contracts to self-service options.

Upgrades offered: For models currently being sold by Vutek sales reps and distributors, the customer has access to all upgrades available on the product platform (may require the customer to purchase the upgrade). For units not current being sold, any upgrades would be based on availability of the upgrade.

Training offered: Yes. The ESP program for North America is an example. Training slots could be included in the deal or available after purchase for a fee.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Installation: Yes, included in the price.

Shipping: Often shipped directly from the company, specifically if the printers are Certified Vutek used equipment purchased from Vutek. We ship product air, ocean and/or truck whichever best meets the customer's needs.

Additional charges: As with any printer purchase from Vutek, customers are responsible for riggers, air, power, and air quality going to the printer.

Advice: 'Buy Certified Used, in the long run it saves time, money and most of all, stress. If purchasing used equipment, find out how it was shut down and how long it was stored and under what conditions. Improper shutdown and storage can lead to nasty surprises at startup and significant unplanned costs,' says EFI Vutek's Jane Cedrone.


Previously owned program: Yes, Epson sells refurbished printers.

Where sourced: They are primarily returned from customers.

Inspection process: Printers are fully inspected and tested to ensure they perform properly. They may contain minor cosmetic blemishes, but otherwise function correctly.

Warranty offered: Sales are usually considered final unless the product arrives defective.

Maintenance/service contracts: We don't offer maintenance contacts on refurbished printers.

Upgrades offered: No.

Training offered: No.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Installation: No.

Shipping: We offer free ground shipping.

Additional charges: Sales tax in California and Indiana.

Advice: It's safer to purchase a printer that has been inspected by the manufacturer as we do with a refurbished printer program. You may be able to find a better price through a private seller, but if you do so, you should arrange to spend some time with the printer to make sure it performs to your satisfaction before making a buying decision.

'While we have an official used printer program, we rarely get them back at Epson. A vast majority of our customers are very happy with their printers and don't return them. You are much more likely to see them on eBay or for sale in a forum than from Epson. For example, right now we have no used wide-format units in stock,' says Epson's Andrew Staples.

Fujifilm Sericol

Previously owned program: "We offer a trade-up program for our customers that have purchased equipment from us. This includes all of the Inca Digital flatbeds as well as the Fujifilm Acuity and Vybrant platforms."

Where sourced: Customers trading up to higher capacity equipment.

Inspection process: Units are fully inspected by technical support personnel and refurbished as required.

Warranty offered: Typically, a limited three or six month warranty is offered, depending on the condition of the equipment.

Maintenance/service contracts: Standard service contracts.

Upgrades offered: All applicable upgrades are offered on used equipment at the same pricing as new equipment.

Training offered: Full training can be structured into the deal.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Installation: Yes, included in the deal.

Shipping: Shipped directly from previous customer site. All of the specific details regarding shipping and installation are addressed in a pre-install site audit. Trained technicians manage the process.

Additional charges: No, all covered under the deal.

Advice: "We strongly recommend that customers considering the purchase of any used equipment that we sold initially work through us to ensure that the equipment has been fully audited and refurbished by trained technicians. Otherwise, they may invest a great deal more in the unit than they planned," said Terry Amerine, Fujifilm Sericol segment manager, wide-format graphics.


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by Gandinnovations.

Where sourced: Former demonstration machines and equipment from customers who are upgrading to another machine.

Inspection process: Fully tested as new.

Warranty offered: Full, standard warranty.

Maintenance/service contracts: Gandinnovations offers the sample package as a new printer.

Upgrades offered: Yes, for heads, parts, and software.

Training offered: Yes, a full week of training during installation.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Installation: Yes.

Shipping: Shipped directly from Gandinnovations.

Additional charges: No, all covered under a new sales/service agreement.


Previously owned program: GCC doesn’t have a formal program but does offer demonstration machines for sale through its dealers/distributors.

Warranty: Any warranty would depend on the machine’s condition.

Upgrade: Customers may get an upgrade depending on machine condition, which is evaluated by an authorized technician.

Training offered: Yes, same as for a new-printer buyer.

Manuals offered: Yes.


Previously owned program: Some HP large-format printers, primarily those that were formerly associated with the ColorSpan brand, can be purchased via the HP Certified Pre-Owned Program.

Where sourced: Generally, Certified Pre-Owned printers used at tradeshows, open houses or demonstration facilities. In some instances, a printer may be added to our Certified Pre-Owned printer program as the result of a customer return.

Inspection process: All of the printers are brought back to the manufacturing line to receive all current mechanical, electrical, and software updates to ensure it matches the current level of shipping product. The printer is also inspected for any worn parts that would need to be replaced, and is then placed in the test bay to go through the same final calibration and testing that a newly manufactured printer undergoes.

Warranty offered: Certified Pre-Owned printers are sold with the same one-year warranty as a new printer.

Manuals offered: Certified Pre-Owned printers are shipped with the same manuals and information as a new printer, including user documentation, sample media and ink.

Previously owned program: Customers can leverage HP's Trade-In Program to trade used large-format printers for new HP equipment. For this, HP partners with Market Velocity (www.marketvelocity.com) that handles these operations for the Trade-In program. 'Market Velocity specializes in remarketing and refurbishing used equipment and supports the product categories that HP offers, providing an integrated, easy-to-use solution for HP customers.'

Inca Digital Printers

Previously owned program: Yes. Existing customers of Inca and distributor, Fujifilm Sericol, can upgrade to a new Inca machine. Second-hand Inca machines are sold to new or existing customers through normal sales channels.

Where sourced: From existing customers who are upgrading to a higher specification Inca printer.

Inspection process: All second-hand Inca machines sold through Inca or distributors are audited and evaluated by Inca engineers. Printheads and parts are assessed and, where necessary, replaced or refurbished.

Warranty offered: It depends on the age of the printer, but normally a parts warranty is offered for 6 months.

Maintenance/service contracts: Customers can purchase the same support contracts as new-equipment customers. There are different levels of support which offer varying options on parts, labor and response times, for example.

Upgrades offered: Yes, upgrades are available on used equipment. It depends what is applicable/available to the specific machine.

Training offered: Training is available either on the customer’s site or at an Inca-approved training center. This varies from operator training to more detailed training which enables the customer to carry out more involved maintenance. RIP and color management training is also available.

Manuals offered: Yes, a new manual is supplied with any secondhand machine.

Installation/Training offered: Yes. 'It would be fairly difficult to correctly install one of these machines without being trained, and Inca would not recommend it.'

Shipping: "It depends where the original machine is located in the world. Our printers are, on occasion, returned to the factory and then shipped to the customer. Sometimes they are delivered from a storage facility in the region. A site survey will be carried out at the customer’s site before the machine is delivered to ensure that the installation goes smoothly and that all relevant supplies are available for the machine once it arrives."

Additional charges: 'As with any machine sold, the price comprises the base machine, delivery, installation, training and support. The purchaser of a used printer can always decide what he would like to be included, or not.'

Advice: "Consideration should be given to the condition of the printer-in particular, how well it has been maintained and cared for by the current owner. Any company wanting to dip its toe into the flatbed market could find some real benefits by picking up a second hand Inca press at a lower price, and building business before taking a bigger step and buying a new machine. Of course, all reasonable evaluations should be taken to ensure that the machine fits the needs and expectations of the business. If it is not an Inca press, check what support the original manufacturer will provide on spare parts and technical backup, before making the purchase," said Heather Kendle, Inca’s director of marketing.


Previously owned program: Mimaki doesn’t have an official program, but will sell used machines whenever they become available.

Where sourced: Many are demonstration units with low usage hours.

Inspection process: Mimaki returns the machines to new specifications by changing out the necessary parts.

Warranty offered: Typically 90 days.

Maintenance/service contracts: A "parts only" extended warranty.

Upgrades offered: No.

Training offered: No.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Installation: Yes, for a service charge.

Shipping: Shipped directly from Mimaki.

Additional charges: Ink and RIP are usually sold separately.

Advice: When buying a used machine, customers "are usually buying a unit with older specifications and the newer generations are usually ‘faster, better, cheaper.’ So unless the price is really low, it may not be the best deal out there," Mimaki’s Steve Urmano said.

Raster Printers

Previously owned program: Raster doesn’t have an official program, but the company accepts previously owned printers as a trade in on a case-by-case basis.

Where sourced: "We plan to refurbish and resell printers we take back as trade-ins," said company president Rak Kumar.

Inspection process: Fully refurbished to original specifications.

Warranty offered: One-year parts and labor warranty.

Maintenance/service contracts: Same as with new printers-full service contracts as well as time and materials.

Upgrades offered: "We bring the printer up to our latest specifications."

Training offered: Yes, two days of on-site training during installation.

Manuals offered: Yes.

Installation: Yes.

Shipping: Yes, direct from Raster.

Additional charges: No.

Advice: "Make sure the manufacturer is willing to provide full support."

Roland DGA corp.

Previously owned program: Roland doesn’t have an in-house program to resell previously owned printers. When products are available, customers can purchase a refurbished Roland through an authorized reseller. Refurbished Roland inkjets are products that have been used by Roland for marketing or development purposes, such as tradeshow demonstrations. Previously owned Roland inkjets are available in the marketplace as well, though not through Roland.

Inspection process: Refurbished Roland inkjets offered through the dealer channel have passed a thorough Roland inspection.

Warranty offered: Refurbished printers come with a six-month warranty. For most refurbished inkjet products, Roland offers an additional year of extended warranty coverage provided that the customer registers the unit within 30 days and uses Roland inks exclusively. Roland will authorize continuation of an existing warranty from one end user to another provided that a Roland authorized servicer inspects, packs, and ships the equipment, and performs the installation.

Maintenance/service contracts: If the printer has been under warranty continuously, warranty contracts can be continued and renewed through the fifth year of the product's life span. If there has been a break in the warranty in excess of 30 days, Roland requires the involvement of an authorized Roland servicer to verify that the machine is performing properly. Warranty coverage can be obtained if the printer meets the company's conditions. Roland standard limited warranties cover all parts and labor except 'consumable' parts, such as wipers. Extended warranties can be purchased as well.

Upgrades offered: Roland doesn’t have a specific program for upgrades on used equipment. However, any upgrades that Roland offers are generally available to all Roland users.

Training offered: Roland University training is offered to end users of all Roland products.

Manuals offered: All Roland user manuals and quick start guides are available on the Roland website for registered users.

Installation: Installation of used printers can be obtained through authorized Roland dealers. Customers should ask for assistance from an authorized Roland servicer who will oversee inspection, packing, and shipping of the device. This servicer will also complete the installation.

Shipping: Shipping isn’t coordinated by Roland.

Advice: If a customer chooses to purchase a previously owned Roland, either from a dealer or another end user, Roland strongly recommends inspection, packing, shipping, and installation of the printer by a Roland authorized servicer.

"We recognize that discounted pricing on a used Roland provides an entry into the market for some users. We recommend that these customers consider the age of the machine and whether or not third party inks have been used. We strongly recommend involvement from a Roland authorized servicer who can also determine the machine's print hours and remaining head life.

"While Roland printers are designed for years of reliable service, we are continually advancing our technology. For many customers, the new technology delivers greater value, dollar for dollar, than a previously owned model," said Rick Scrimger, vice president and general manager of Roland’s Color Products Division.

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