Use Vinyl Cutter to Make Signs Sparkle 24/7

Mactac's reflective film combines glass beads and mirrored surface

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Owners of vinyl cutters can make signage that is luminous 24 hours a day by using MAClite? 5700, the latest in the MACmark? line of computer-aided signage vinyl. Maclite 5700 is a reflective film made of layers of microscopic glass beads on a metallic back. The beads act as a lens for light amplification and the metallic back provides a mirror-like surface. The film provides wide-angle reflectivity and can be seen day or night.

MacLite 5700 can be used over the complex surfaces on vehicles as well as on safety signs and as eye-catching decorations. They vinyl is easy to cut and weed and lasts five to seven years outdoors. It is available in several retro-reflective colors. (Mactac:

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