Teacup Software Releases ImageSwapper for Adobe InDesign

Production oriented plug-in designed to improve FPO workflow.

Big Picture

Teacup Software has released ImageSwapper, a new plug-in for Adobe InDesign aimed at streamlining the process of replacing low resolution for-placement-only (FPO) images with their high-resolution counterparts.

ImageSwapper features a single dialogue that lists all the images in a document and all the possible replacement images. The user can display original and replacement images in the ImageSwapper dialog, and must choose two identical points on each image. Using this information, ImageSwapper automatically calculates how much the replacement image should be rotated and scaled, while offering the option to manually override any setting.

Specific features include: tracking replaced images as you work; replace multiple instance of the same file at once (or one by one); keyboard shortcuts for quick interaction with the dialogue; fine tune changes with ImageSwapper's manual controls.

Price: $199; compatible with InDesign CS-2 on Macintosh OS X and Windows 2000 and above.


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