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The 2014 Ink Sourcelist: a directory of more than 70 suppliers of inks for wide-format printers.

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Seeking inks for your machines? To help you in your ink quest, we’ve assembled the following Ink Sourcelist: a directory of more than 70 suppliers of inks for wide-format printers. The roster includes printer OEMs branding their own inks, ink manufacturers, and suppliers of private-labeled/branded inks. We’ve not included businesses that are only selling other companies’ branded inks (unless it’s an exclusive arrangement). This list was assembled just prior to ISA Expo 2014; check company websites for products released since that time.

Agfa Pitman (www.agfagraphics.com): Anapurna, Anuvia, and Agorix UV inks; Aldura eco-solvent inks; Grand Sherpa Universal AM dye inks.

American Ink Jet (www.amjet.com): Inks for Canon, Epson (including Arte Bella pigment inks), HP, Mutoh, Roland.

Americaninkjetsystems (www.americaninkjetsystems.com): Inks for fabrics and fine-art; bulk-ink systems for Epson, Mimaki, more.

Bordeaux Digital PrintInk (www.c-m-y-k.com): Eden LX and TX latex-based inks; Fuze eco-solvent and solvent inks; Plasma UV and UV LED inks; Eden direct and transfer dye-sub inks; more.

Budget Inks (www.budget-inks.com): Sam Ink solvent, mild solvent, dye, UV, and latex inks, for Epson, HP, Roland, Seiko.

Canon Solutions America (www.csa.canon.com): Arizona UV inks; imageProGraf pigment inks.

CET (www.cetcolor.com): CET-branded UV inks.

Coast Graphic Supply (www.coastgraphicsupply.com): Cartridge and bulk sublimation inks.

Colorwen International (www.colorwen.com): ChromoInk inks for Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, more; bulk-ink systems.

Coveris Advanced Coatings (www.magicinkjet.com): Magic solvent and eco-solvent inks; Magiclee aqueous inks.

Dayglo (www.dayglo.com): Daylight fluorescent inks.

D.Gen (www.dgen.com): D.Gen environmentally friendly textile inks.

DGI (www.dgi-net.com): DGI sign and textile inks.

DigiFab Systems (www.digifab.com): DigiDye textile inks; bulk inks and cartridges.

Digitl Ink (www.digitlink.co): Eco-, mild-, and full-solvent inks; water-based ink; cartridge and bulk. Dilli Precision (dilli.co.kr): UV-curable inks for rigid and flexible media.

DTG Inks (www.dtginks.com): DTG inks for Epson, more.

DuPont Imaging Technologies (www.dupont.com): Artistri textile inks (dye, pigment); Solar Brite inks for SolarMax fabrics.

Durst Image Technology (www.durstus.com): Durst UV-curable inksets.

Eastech (www.eastechthai.com): Solvent, eco-solvent, textile inks.

EFI (www.efi.com): Vutek UltraTex dye-sub solvent inks; QS Series r UV inks; EFI/3M co-branded inks for 3M media; EFI thermoforming inks; more.

Epson (www.epson.com): Epson UltraChrome K3, HDR, GS, GS2, DG, GSX, XD, and D6 inks; plus Photographic Dye and Archival Pigment inks; more.

Fujifilm (www.fujifilmusa.com): Uvijet UV inks for Fujifilm and Inca printers (including new Uvijet KA inks); Color+ UV and solvent inks.

Gans Ink & Supply (www.gansinkdigital.com): PyroJet sublimation inks.

Gerber Scientific Products (www.gspinc.com): GerberCat Cationic, Gerber UV inks.

Global Imaging (www.globalimaginginc.com): Panoply-branded solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks.

Graphics One (www.graphicsone.com): GO EcoColor inks, Xtreme dye-sub, PhotoProof dye inks, FabInk TX fabric inks, GO NeoTack dye-sub inks, more; exclusive NA distributor for Sepiax water-based resin inks.

Hewlett-Packard (www.hp.com): HP Latex inks; HP UV-curable and Enhanced Color UV-curable inks; HP solvents; HP Designjet inks.

Hilord Chemical (www.hilord.com): EcoSub sublimation inks; also Hilord solvent and oil-based pigmented inks, sublimation inks, more.

Image Specialists (www.image-specialists.com): Inks for Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, others.

Independent Ink (www.independentink.com): SunClipse inks for Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, more.

Indujet (www.sepiax.com): Sepiax Aquares water-based resin inks; Graphics One is the US distributor.

Ink 2000 (www.ink2000.com): Wide-format bulk inks, cartridges.

Ink2image (www.ink2image.com): Cave Paint archival pigment inks; Fotonic XG archival dye inks; i2i Absolute Match inks; more.

Inkjet Mall (www.inkjetmall.com): InkThrift Pro, CL, and DB inks; ConeColor inks; Piezography inksets for fine-art and photo.

Ink Mill (www.inkmillcorp.com): Ink Mill-branded UV and UV LED inks, solvents, BTW BioSolvent inks, more.

Inksupply.com (www.inksupply.com): Bulk pigment and dye-based inks.

InkTec America (www.inktec-usa.com): Aqueous, solvent, mild-solvent inks, and more; EcoPro inks.

Inx Digital (www.inxdigital.com): Triangle-branded Bio and Eco Solvent, True Solvent, and Mild Solvent inks, UV inks, and aqueous inks; all for various machines.

ITNH (www.itnh.com): Solvent, UV-curable, and textile inks.

Jetbest USA (www.jetbestusa.com): Eco-solvent inks for Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland.

Liquecolor (www.liquecolor.com): Liquecolor bulk ink for Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland.

LRI (www.laserreproductions.com): ColorRite dye-based inks.

Marabu North America (www.marabu-northamerica.com): MaraJet solvent-based; MaquaJet water-based; UltraJet UV-curable; and TexaJet water-based sublimation inks.

Matan Digital Printers (www.matanprinters.com): Barak UV-curable inks.

Mimaki (www.mimakiusa.com): Mimaki solvent, water-based, dye-sub, acid-dye, reactive-dye, UV, and latex inks.

A. R. Monteith (www.armonteith.com): Monteith-branded inks for HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, Seiko, more.

Mutoh (www.mutoh.com): Eco-Ultra mild-solvents; MP multi-purpose eco-friendly/HAPS-free inks.

Nazdar Digital (www.nazdar.com): Nazdar solvent, aqueous, UV, and TX-640 dye-sub inks; Nazdar Lyson photo and fine-art inks.

Prism Inks (www.prisminks.com): Aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and textile inks.

RedGiant USA (www.redgiantink.com): Bulk ink and cartridges for Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, more.

Repeat-O-Type (www.repeatotype.com): Repeat-O-Type inks for wide format.

Roland DGA (www.rolanddga.com): Eco-Sol Max inks (including white and metallic silver); Eco-UV inks, Heatwave SBL2 sublimation inks, Eco-Xtreme inks.

Sawgrass Technologies (www.sawgrassink.com): M-XTR digital textile inks; SubliM dye-transfer and direct-print sublimation inks; ArTainium UV+ sublimation inks.

Seiko Instruments USA (www.seiko-i.com): Seiko solvent-based Neon inks; low-odor SX eco-solvent inks; EGO GX mild-solvents; HAPs-free IX inks; GX 3M solvent inks.

Sensient Technologies (www.sensientinkjet.com): ElvaJet sublimation inks; distributed in the US by VistaLogics (www.vistalogics.com).

SIDSigns (www.sidsigns.com): Xtreme Colors solvent, eco-solvent, dye-sub inks.

Sign Warehouse (www.signwarehouse.com): EnduraInk eco-solvent ink.

Sioen Digital (www.sioendigital.com): Siojet UV inks, plus solvents and mild solvents.

Solvent Cartridges (www.solventcartridges.com): Inks for HP, Mimaki, Roland, Seiko, more.

Sun Chemical (www.sunchemical.com): Streamline ESL HPQ (eco-sol light), Streamline Ultima HPQ, Streamline Optima, and other Streamline-branded inks; SunJet OEM ink solutions.

Supply55 (www.supply55.com): EcoSolventPro, Superior Solvent, and Prime Sublimation inks; also, Gripper UV inks.

Teckwin (www.teckwin-usa.com): AuroraTeck UV-curable inks.

3M Commercial Graphics (www.3mgraphics.com): 3M Inkjet solvent and UV inks; GX 3M solvent inks for Seiko ColorPainter H Series and 3M films.

TW Graphics (www.twgraphics.com): Distributor of Manoukian sublimation inks.

US Sublimation (www.ussublimation.com): LFP FloBrite fluorescent dye-sub inks; InkVillage DTX direct textile inks, more.

Van Son Holland (www.vansonink.com): Premium Wide Format Inkjet inks for Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland.

VistaLogics (www.vistalogics.com): Eco-solvent bulk ink; exclusive US distributor of Sensient dye-sub inks.

Westar Systems (www.westarsystems.com): Sublimation and textile inks.

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