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Screen USA Announces Trueflow 3

Helps users move into JDF-based environment

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Screen USA has introduced Trueflow 3, an upgrade to the company's PDF workflow system for digital-printing presses as well as CTP production. Now fully JDF-compliant, Trueflow 3 makes it easy for users to move from a PDF and PostScript workflow into a JDF-based environment.

Trueflow 3 provides digital-printing JDF-based job tickets and integrates everything from incoming job handling to prepress, proofing, and output. It supports PDF/X1-a, PDF/X-3, Certified PDF, and PostScript 3 files. Featuring a drag-and-drop user interface, it allows users to drag icons representing process steps from a list on the left side of the screen and drop them into job tickets. Other features include: spot-color merge and filtering; auto and interactive trapping; and e-mail notification of job progress for remote operators.

In addition, Trueflow 3 now incorporates the company's ColorGenius DC color-conversion engine (also utilized in its Cezanne scanner), allowing for an advanced RGB workflow. Images in the PDF are displayed in RGB and handled with ICC profiles and a set-up file that contains magnification, sharpness, and tone data. Just prior to output, the RGB data is converted to CMYK for higher print quality; CMYK + spot color inkset (up to 8 colors) is also supported.


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