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ProFinish is Advanced Greig Laminators's New Laminating Film Line

Comprehensive line designed for all popular applications on virtually all laminator brands

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Advanced Greig Laminators (AGL) announces a new line of laminating films, ProFinish. The line includes pressure-sensitive overlaminates, heat-activated films, and mounting adhesives.

The pressure-sensitive overlaminates include gloss, lustre, matte and other coated finishes. They are available in a range of film thicknesses in various roll widths. Pressure sensitive backing films are also in stock in varying widths and finishes.

The heat-activated films, or low-temperature laminates, come in gloss, lustre, matte, and textured finishes. A variety of mil thicknesses are offered in various widths. Film characteristics vary and are recommended for specific applications. Backing films are also available.

Mounting adhesives come in a variety of types depending on the bonding strength and desired results. Both pressure-sensitive and heat-activated films are available with various degrees of sheer and tack to accommodate a variety of end use applications.

For more than 50 years, AGL has manufactured laminating equipment. (Advanced Greig Laminators: www.aglinc.com)

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