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OEM Previously Owned Printer Programs

Used printers available from manufacturers and their agents.

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The OEM Programs
The following companies indicated they offer previously owned printers, and provided some details on each program. Contact the OEMs directly for more information. Keep in mind that this represents only companies that were able to respond to our queries within our deadline for this issue; other OEMs may offer similar programs.


Previously owned program: Although Agfa does not have an official program, the company does offer show equipment, demo equipment, and some other customer equipment from time to time. "We encourage customers to contact us if they have a need and we look at our current inventory."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by Durst.
Where sourced: Trade-ins for other equipment or upgraded models, secondary market/aftermarket sales, where Durst provides service record and recertifies as a "pre-owned" unit. Printers inspected: Yes.
Warranties offered: Yes, new warranties for new buyers.
Maintenance/service contracts: Yes.
Offer upgrades: Yes, as requested or required.
Manuals offered: Yes.
Shipping: Durst may handle coordination"?if, for example, the ownershop has gone out of business. "Otherwise, terms for a unit moving from old owner to new owner are negotiated as part of the deal."
Additional charges: Peripheral charges would be no different than for a new equipment purchase. "There are no additional charges simply because the unit is used."
Tips: "Ask for the unit's service record. Only Durst is authorized to service its equipment; we keep complete records on all units, know their histories, etc."? it's like CarFax for used Durst products."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by Epson.
Where sourced: Refurbished products that have been returned to the company from various sources.
Printers inspected: All products are inspected and tested to ensure they perform properly; some may have minor blemishes due to previous handling.
Warranties offered: Epson does not provide a warranty, "unless the product arrives defective"?in which case, Epson will replace the product with a replacement model."
Maintenance/service contracts: No.
Offer upgrades: No.
Manuals offered: Manuals are offered and are available in PDF format on the Epson website. Refurbished products may or may not contain a media pack or the same software as new models.
Shipping: All refurbished printers are shipped from Epson.
Additional charges: Taxes and shipping charges may apply.
Tips: "Because we rarely have returns...we do not have refurbished wide-format printers available very often."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed jointly by Inca and the local distributor for each market.
Where sourced: From existing customers who are upgrading to faster Inca models.
Printers inspected: Inca undertakes a formal audit of the machines; this information is provided as part of the sales offer.
Warranties offered: "If the machine is older and out of warranty, as is the case in most instances, the warranty is created for the new buyer, and will run from the date of installation."
Maintenance/service contracts: Yes, at usual rates.
Offer upgrades: Each machine has a full service before installation at the new customer.
Training: Customer receives training as part of the installation process, and will be able to take any other training courses offered.
Manuals offered: Yes.
Shipping: Sericol and any local distributors involved will organize all coordination and shipping on the owner's behalf; actual costs are discussed as part of the machine offer.
Additional charges:The cost of training and installation is bundled into the offer.
Tips: "Where possible, the customer buying a pre-owned press should see the equipment he is buying. He may also wish to talk to the previous owner of the machine. Print quality will need to be inspected so that the customer knows how the pre-owned machine will perform."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by MacDermid ColorSpan. Where sourced: Printers used at trade shows, and printers that have been traded in for different models.
Printers Inspected: All are updated with the latest Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), any worn parts replaced, and then fully tested as a new printer. Warranties offered: A full factory warranty is offered, "as if the machine were new; new warranty for the full term to the new buyer." Maintenance/service contracts: After the warranty period, customer can purchase on-site maintenance contracts to continue full-coverage service.
Offer upgrades: Yes, "this is done as a normal course of action."
Crating charge: No.
Installation: Yes.
Training: Included at no charge.
Manuals offered: New manuals and the most up-to-date software are provided at no charge.
Shipping: These printers originate from the ColorSpan factory in Eden Prairie, MN. The customer purchases the printer and pays for freight, just as with a new printer. The printers ship with a free set of inks and a roll of media.
Additional charges: Shipping from ColorSpan factory.
Tips: "Avoid buying from a third party (such as off eBay), unless you can personally inspect the printer before buying."


Previously owned program: "We occasionally sell a machine as used, but usually it is a demo."
Where sourced: It may come in as an upgrade unit, "but we won't resell a competing product."
Printers inspected: Units are rebuilt to factory specs.
Warranties offered: Usually a 30- or 60-day warranty is offered on a "used" item.
Maintenance/service contracts: Currently not offered, although Mimaki is considering this option.
Offer upgrades: "Yes, if it is appropriate to bring a unit up to new specs."
Crating charge: No.
Installation: Varies.
Training: Varies.
Manuals: Yes, PDF or printed.
Shipping: Coordinated by Mimaki Tech Service department.
Additional charges: None.
Tips: "Be careful what you buy."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed by Mutoh.
Printers inspected: Yes.
Warranties offered: Yes, 1 year on all except the Toucan, which is 6 months. This warranty covers on-site parts and labor. New warranties for most recent buyer.
Maintenance/service contracts: Yes.
Offer upgrades: Yes.
Manuals offered: Yes.
Shipping: FOB Phoenix.
Additional charges: None.
Tips: "Make sure a full warranty is offered on anything purchased.


Previously owned program: Offered on a case-by-case basis. "We do not have a global program for promotion and sales of used systems." Where sourced: Used systems from trade-in programs are sometimes offered to current customers. "Also, systems used in our demo rooms or in shows are also available. In all cases, it is only Scitex Vision previously owned equipment."
Printers inspected: Usually yes, "but it is managed on a case-by-case basis and depends on the agreement reached with the customer."
Warranties offered: Usually yes; typically, this is a new warranty given to the most recent buyer.
Maintenance/service contracts: "Yes, similar to those offered to current customers that have our equipment for a similar time."
Offer upgrades: Depends on the specific deal and the status of the system.
Manuals offered: Yes.
Shipping: Local Scitex Vision office usually coordinates the logistic aspects. If the used system is sold between a Scitex Vision customer and a new site, shipping coordination may be done directly between the involved parties.
Additional charges: In most cases, shipment and installation are charged separately, "but training is always part of the deal at no extra cost." Tips: "Look for ROI on the used system and the selling company's service infrastructure."


Previously owned program: Yes, managed internally.
Where sourced: "We only source printers from customers as a trade-in for new equipment. Even then, it is done on a case-by-case basis, depending on the market for resale."
Printers inspected: Yes, unless there is a very special circumstance. "All used equipment is remanufactured to original specifications before being offered for sale."
Warranties offered: Yes, if it goes through the remanufacturing process. New warranty for the most recent buyer.
Maintenance/service contracts: Yes. If the printer has not been remanufactured by Vutek, then it must undergo an inspection by Vutek's service organization and be brought up to specifications before a warranty is offered.
Offer upgrades: Yes, assuming it is an upgradeable model.
Crating charge: No.
Installation: There is no charge for labor, however, the customer is responsible for travel and living expenses of the field engineer during the installation.
Training: If a remanufactured printer is purchased, the customer is entitled to two free training slots, which includes a 5-day operator training course, and all lodging and meals during the course. Travel to the training course is the responsibility of the customer.
Manuals offered: Yes.
Shipping: The printer typically ships directly from Vutek's factory to the customer. Vutek coordinates the shipping unless the customer chooses to do so.
Other: The customer is responsible for the shipping charges from Vutek to their premises. "The customer also has the option to purchase a spare parts kit to minimize downtime in the case of a service event."
Tips: "Much like purchasing a car, it's very important for the customer purchasing a remanufactured unit to ensure they are not simply inheriting the problems of the previous owner. Minimally, the printer should be inspected by the manufacturer prior to purchase to obtain a report of any pre-existing problems."

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