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New Mediatex Textiles from Junkers & Mullers

Nine fabrics geared to digital printing.

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Junkers & Mullers has introduced its new Mediatex line of technical fabrics for digital printing. This line of finished and coated fabrics features textiles that are compatible with solvent, mild-solvent, UV-curable, and aqueous inks.

Mediatex fabrics range from 75 to 390 gsm and are composed of a variety of materials, including PES, cotton, and PA. Each fabric is coated three times and include coatings for permeability to water and air, brightness, resistance to creases and soiling, and low flammability. Applications for the various products range from awnings, backlits, blinds, tents, P-O-P displays, flags, construction barriers, inflatables, theater backdrops, fine-art prints, and large-format banners.

There are nine fabrics in the Mediatex line:
"? Air, Apollo, Aqua, Bermuda, Flag, Presto, and Troja are all compatible with solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable inksets;
"? Hektor and Helena are compatible with water-based inks and are designed for fine-art applications.

All of the products are available in rolls from 17 to 122 in.


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