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Navigator GPS 7.1/3.1 Released by Xitron

New version combines Navigator RIP 7.1 and RIP Manager 3.1.

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Xitron has released the newest version of its Navigator GPS integrated workflow software- Version 7.1/3.1. The new version combines Navigator RIP 7.1 and RIP Manager 3.1, and features an enhanced Simple Imposition option. Simple Imposition was introduced with Version 7.0, and has been enhanced to support 4-up applications as well as direct support for PDF 1.6.

In addition, Navigator RIP Manager 3.1 provides the ability to select trap sets, rotate images, and execute color-separation sets and page features. Additional output device icons are included that automatically display based on the device chosen in the PageSetup (where specific icons are not available for the device, a standard generic output device icon will be displayed).

Navigator GPS 7.1/3.1 ranges in price from $8995 to $10,000, depending on the output device.

Xitron has also announced the release of Version 7 of its Navigator Chinese RIP. Designed for the Chinese market and intended for installations requiring either traditional or simplified Chinese-language support, Xitron is aiming its latest RIP product at "one of the world’s most rapidly growing market segments," says the company. Xitron released Navigator RIP 7 in the US in 2005.


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